Protect Your Dog this Rainy Season with a Water Resistant Cot House

Product Title (In box)

Product Title (In box)

The Cool Cot House will keep your dog cool, dry and comfortable, even on hot, sticky days! The water-resistant tent has vented sides and roof, and the raised bed is well off the ground for optimum air flow. Comfortable shaded mesh cot for reclining and sleeping. The UV-treated and waterproof material protects from the harsh sun as well as the pouring rain. It’s portable and easy to assemble, so it’s great for camping. It’s also a breeze to wash – cleans in just minutes with a garden hose and soap!

  • Water-resistant, UV treated material protects from rain and sun
  • Legs can be staked to the ground for added stability
  • Portable and easy to assemble – stores compactly
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Can be used indoors and outdoor

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Protect Your Home Theater System from Overheating!

Active Thermal Management 00-100-02 Cabinet-Mounted Equipment Cooler
Prevent A/V equipment mounted in custom enclosures from overheating with this powerful cooling system! It’s perfect for eliminating common heat-related problems, like amps that mysteriously shut off, or even preventing permanent damage.

It works by drawing cool, room-temperature air into the enclosure, while sending hot air out through a flexible duct. It’s ideal for cooling any devices that typically run hot, like receivers, amplifiers, preamps, decoders and more, especially those mounted in enclosures, equipment cabinets or racks with limited ventilation. Add an optional variable speed controller (sold separately), and the fan speed will automatically adjust based on the amount of cooling needed.

Carefree Operation

Just plug it into one of your component’s switched outlets, and it will automatically turn on as you use your equipment. Includes main cooling unit, tubing adapter, mounting brackets and 7 feet of insulated, flexible ducting material that can be cut to size. Learn more

Organize Your Life with These Clever Ties! And Check out the Customer Ratings!

The minute you snap on a Bongo Tie, you realize that you’ve discovered the very best way to organize computer cables, extension cords, photo and A/V cables, tools, camping gear, sports equipment – you name it. Bongo Ties were invented by a professional photographer to clean up the clutter of cables and to attach wires to light poles temporarily. You’ll be able to use them to tie up bundles of wires or coils of rope, attach a tarp, or organize the cables behind your computer desk or home theater. The Bongo Tie is a really simple device. There’s a rugged wooden knob – called the Bongo – tied to a big, strong rubber band. Stretch the rubber band around the coil of wire and loop the free end over the Bongo. That’s it. Use these in the garden to support young trees, in the garage for everything, or around a slippery container to add grip. Sold in a package of 10 Bongo Ties.
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Average Customer Rating

4.5 Stars

5 Stars RANDALL — YUCAIPA, CA    Date: 1/14/2010
Review: This was my first time using Bongo Ties. They are great for securing my extension cords and audio and video cables. Simply great!!
2 Stars PIERCE — LOS ANGELES, CA    Date: 1/10/2010
Review: These are fancy rubber bands and probably won’t last very long.
5 Stars NICK — LAWRENCE, KS    Date: 11/14/2009
Review: As with paperclips, pushpins and other desk supplies, no home or office should be without some BongoTies. They’re that useful.

Increase Your Home Security System by Using Multiple Solar Powered Lights

EE Systems Group EE836PK Digital Solar LED Lighting Matrix, White (4 Lights)
Add solar powered, energy savings security and safety lighting to your home or property. This matrix includes 4 outdoor LED flood lights that are powered by the included 12V solar board (panel). The LED bulbs have been arranged into an ergonomic design allowing the lighting to be dispersed and projected onto a wide expanse, providing greater light coverage and balanced projection when compared with other lighting systems.

  • Typical Applications
    • Residential – Extra security and safety coverage for front entrance, garage/side doors, backyards, pool areas, side walkways, garden, and driveway. It can be an extra lighting source for indoor areas such as hallway, sunroom, play/game room, storage room, and bedroom etc. It can also be stored inside a residence as an emergency backup lighting.
    • Commercial – Extra lighting for any parking lot, hallway, stairway, lobby, lock room, workstation, shipping room, warehouse, and restroom, construction site and office trailer etc. Secure your premises during the nighttime.
    • Recreational – Keep an extra or two on hand. The portability of the eLEDing makes it fitting for travel, camping, RV, hangar, boat, trailer, or anywhere that would require extra lighting. Because the eLEDing is rechargeable by solar power (or even charged with 12V automobile lighter or 12VDC power supply), you can count on reliable lighting anywhere.
    • Industrial – Serves as a bright light projection ideal for video surveillance in hard to spot places such as loading areas or areas without light coverage.
    • Emergency– It can be used as an emergency lighting source during AC power outage (caused by such as thunderstorm, hurricane, or earthquake, etc.). It can be installed inside a building such as hallway, stairway or just as a portable light. It is ideal for senior apartments, student dorms, hotel, etc.

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Speaker Wirelessly Syncs with Other Sony HomeShare Devices to Create a Whole House Listening Experience

Sony SA-NS400 HomeShare Network Speaker (Each)
This compact, omni-directional speaker delivers 360 degrees of sound, making it an essential component of your Sony HomeShare network. Four tweeters provide excellent sound quality for a pleasant listening experience. Use your existing wireless Internet connection to connect the speaker to the rest of your HomeShare system. Send music from your personal library, music streaming sites such as Pandora, or from an iPod. You can pretty much get music as long as there is a wireless Internet signal. Play your favorite music in a designated room or sync with other network speakers to simultaneously play the same tracks in multiple locations. The speaker can be controlled with the included remote control or a network controller. You can even download the free Network Audio Remote app to turn your smartphone into an easy-to-use remote. You will be able to create ambience in as many rooms as you choose from one location within your home, leaving you with more time to appreciate the sounds of your audio and home theater systems.
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Get festive without increasing your electric bill!

Ideal for lining walkways or windows or wrapping around trees and columns, this LED rope light lets you get festive without increasing your electric bill. Designed to run solely off the power of the sun, this rope light offers more flexibility in placement and application. No more messy wires to untangle and route. And you won’t have to worry if there isn’t an electrical outlet nearby. LEDs will stay illuminated between 8 and 12 hours, depending on lighting conditions. A built-in photocell measures the amount of available sunlight and then turns the rope light on or off accordingly. Completely weather-resistant, these lights are meant for outdoor use and are rated for up to 100,000 hours of life. With these red, white, and blue lights, you are sure to make a statement with your outdoor décor. Read more