Get the Perfect Portion of Spaghetti Every Time

Joseph Joseph SPMDG012HC Spaghetti Measurer, Red/Grey

  • Compact spaghetti measurer
  • Adjustable portion guide for one to four servings
  • Lever glides along the side of the disc, opens the aperture to control the portion sizes
  • Also available in three other color combinations
  • By Joseph Joseph, producers of stylish, technically innovative and award winning housewares
This original and innovative compact spaghetti measurer provides an adjustable portion guide for one to four servings. The lever glides along the side of the disc, opening the aperture to control the portion sizes. Grey frame with green aperture. Also available in three other color combinations. By Joseph Joseph, producers of stylish, technically innovative and award winning housewares.

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Add Fresh-Ground Salt & Pepper To Your Food Easily With a Battery-Powered Mill

  • Fresh-ground salt & pepper shakers use one-hand operation
  • Built-in LEDs light up the seasoning area for accuracy
  • Adjustable system allows chefs to select ideal grind for specific dishes

Product Title (In box)Treat your guests to the elegance of fresh-ground salt and pepper without the workout. The Peugeot Elis Battery-Powered Salt & Pepper Mills eliminate the need to grind rock salt or peppercorns by hand either over your simmering sauce or onto individual salad plates. This stainless steel set even features a pre-selectable grind adjustment, a patented innovation which enables you to adjust the grind to ensure perfect harmony with every dish. A supply of rock salt, peppercorns and batteries are included. Base covers are also included to prevent spilling in your spice cupboard. Read more

Create a Festive, Bright & Unforgettable Dinner Table This Holiday Season!

LED Placemats

The Sylvania LED Placemat color your indoor world. This dynamic product uses bright, white lights with long lasting, durable LED technology. The lights gently twinkle and capitalize on the novelty and visual appeal of LED décor and accessories. This set of two LED accent pieces from SYLVANIA will illuminate and decorate any family gathering space, from the kitchen to the dining room to the den. They’re fun, bright, and festive, ideal for entertaining, holidays and special occasions.

Sylvania LED Lighted Table Runner
Table runner emits thousands of tiny glowing lights

If you’re the person that is always looking for innovative ways to add modern, creative décor to your home, the Sylvania LED Lighted Table Runner is just for you. At 12″ wide by 68″ long, this runner will cover the length of most tables and can also be used on mantels or as decorative wall fabric. The runner is made of a special Luminex SpA fiber optic material that allows for a single LED to light up thousands of little lights throughout the fabric for an incredible sparkling effect.

Sylvania LED Color Changing Coasters (Set of 4)
LED Color Changing Coasters

Using traditional coasters to protect your valuable furniture can now be mixed with modern technology. The Sylvania LED Color Changing Coasters gradually transforms colors for an awe inspiring effect. This set of four coasters are battery powered, so no electrical cords are required. Simply remove the pull tab from the battery compartment and it is ready to use. A pressure sensitive button is located on the bottom that is activated whenever the weight of a beverage or other object is placed on top of it.

Provide A Safe Extra Boost when Your Child Needs One

Children's Factory CF322-107 Soft Step Stool

  • Provide a soft boost to reach a counter
  • Great for ages 1 year +
  • Wide top step for added safety
  • 12 inches in height
  • 16 inch top platform

When your child is a little too small to reach a counter that they are allowed access to then the CF322-107 Soft Step Stool from Children’s Factory is the perfect tool for you. This 2 step stool is 12 inches tall giving your child an extra foot when needed. It is perfect for providing easier access to a bathroom sink to help your child with brushing their teeth or for help with grabbing or putting away a book on a shelf. The skies the limit with the amount of applications that this stool can be used for and with its 16 inch wide top step your child will have plenty of standing surface area. The Soft Step Stool is recommended for children ages 1 year and older. Read more

Give the Gift of Portable Music With Great Quality and Sound!

Bose 43085 SoundDock Portable Digital Music System for iPod, Black

The SoundDock Portable system’s big sound and slim, sleek design are made possible by proprietary waveguide speaker technology and powerful neodymium speakers. Now you can play your iPod out loud – almost anywhere. The system is engineered to be moved easily from place to place. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides more power and longer playtime than most other types of rechargeable batteries, for hours of listening enjoyment. A rotating dock folds neatly inside the main enclosure for easy storage and protection during transit. And a remote easily controls the SoundDock Portable system and basic functions on your iPod – including playlist navigation.

So Easy to Use – Just Dock and Play

With the convenience of a rotating dock that folds neatly inside the main enclosure for easy storage and protection during transit all one has to do to enjoy music bliss from an iPod is to rotate the dock forward and place the iPod into the cradle. Controlling the iPod is easy even from a distance with the included remote control which can operate the basic functions on your iPod including playlist navigation.

And make sure you keep your SoundDock protected While on the Go!

Bose 351349-0010 SoundDock Portable travel bagUse the Bose travel bag to protect your SoundDock® Portable digital music system while going from one place to the next. It has a convenient storage compartment that also allows you to carry the SoundDock Portable remote control, power supply or optional car charger, with room to spare for some other accessories. An over the shoulder strap is included allowing you to easily take this bag wherever you go.

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Provide Handsfree Entertainment While On the Road Using your iPad!

With its easy mounting bracket system and telescoping flexible arm, the CoulVue iPad 2 mount is a must have for the on-the-go folks who like to keep their passengers entertained. Developed by TouCoul, the iPad 2 mount securely clamps to the back of almost any standard car headrest, allowing passengers in the backseat to watch movies, browse the internet, listen to music and play games. With its reinforced locking system, this mount holds the iPad securely in place while the driver navigates over bumps, potholes and other various road conditions. It features full 360° twist mobility which allows the viewer to easily flip between portrait and landscape modes, as well as a tilting function for angling the iPad to maximize optimal viewing. The iPad 2 simply snaps snugly into place and the soft coated inner lining protects your iPad from scratches or scuff marks. This mount is the perfect accessory for anyone who owns an iPad that would like to use it to entertain their children or passengers on long road trips. Read more