Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Remote to Open the Gate to Your Home

Rather than carry around an extra remote to open your gate, why use something you are already carrying around? With this receiver, you will be able to automatically open your gate with a phone call. The receiver utilizes a caller ID system. If it recognizes the number, it will open the gate. Up to 64 different numbers can be stored on one receiver, so you can let all your tenants, family, friends, and workers gain access. While the receiver uses caller ID, it won’t actually pick up the call so it won’t use any of your plan’s minutes. You will save money since you won’t need to purchase any additional units. And your pocket or purse won’t be weighted down with an extra unit. Operating off cell phone towers, the receiver’s range is virtually limitless. As long as there is reception, you will be able to open the gate with your phone. Read more

The worst part about using an extension power cord is that they can get all tangled and become a huge mess!

Keep Your Extension Cord Tangle Free and Ready to Go

Woods 82870 Snap Together Extension Cord Reel

  • Holds up to 150 feet of extension cord
  • Free spinning wheel makes it easy to use
  • Can accomodate 16/3 extension cord as well as 14 and 12 gauge cords
  • Durable metal stand stays put while you are pulling out more cord
  • Easy snap-together design lets you start working right away

Woods 22849 Cord Reel with Metal Stand
The free spinning wheel makes it ideal when a lot of cord is needed and also makes for easy clean up when the job is done. Never mess with tangled electric cords again, with the Woods cord reel your power cord will always be ready to go when you are.

This Woods Cord Reel is perfect for storage of the cords that you use most often. The built-in handle makes the reel portable and the heavy-duty metal frame provides a sturdy base when the cord is in use. Holds up to 150 feet of 16/3 extension cord.

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Looking for an inexpensive way to protect your home or office from criminals?

Consider using the Dummy Mini Dome Camera with Flashing LED. Criminals are less likely to enter an area if they know that there is a chance they are being watched or recorded. Simply install one of these authentic-looking dummy dome cameras and the appearance of surveillance alone will act as a deterrent. Install multiple cameras or even incorporate them as part of an existing system to make them more believable. Unlike other dummy cameras, this camera has a built in photocell that makes the LED light automatically turn on when it’s dark, to simulate IR function at night. The LED, coupled with a dome that simulates a real dome-style camera, makes this camera as close to the real thing as you can get, without the added expense. The Dummy Mini Dome Camera with Flashing LED requires the use of two AA batteries, sold separately.Seco-Larm VD-20BNB Dummy Mini Dome Camera with Flashing LED

  • Realistic mini dome camera design with cable to give it an authentic look
  • Low-cost way to deter criminals by creating the perception of surveillance
  • Constructed of strong weatherproof ABS plastic for indoor or outdoor use
  • Battery-powered blinking LED

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Let Your Furry Pets Light-Up the Garden without Trampling it

Cat and Dog lovers are both covered with the Moonrays 93305 Cat and Dog Solar Stake Light Combo, 2 Pack. With this 2 pack you will receive one Stake Light each of our furry pet friends to put in your yard to bring a little life to it while at the same time offer a little nighttime lighting and ambiance. Each stake light contains a solar panel underneath its respective animal so that throughout the course of the day it can collect as much sunlight as possible to charge its rechargeable AA NiCd battery. Because the panel requires sunlight to charge it is important to put the Stake Light in an area that receives as much sunlight as possible. The length of nighttime illumination will depend upon how much sun the panel captured throughout the day so keep that in mind when determining where to set them up. Each light will turn on automatically at night and off as the sun comes back out.Moonrays 93305 Cat and Dog Solar Stake Light Combo, 2 Pack

  • Powered by free and clean energy from sun
  • 2 pack features 1 cat and 1 dog
  • Crackle globe light stomach and eyes
  • Solar panel rests below and out of the way
  • Wire-free with no operating cost

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Get a Great Night’s Sleep by Cleaning the Air Your Breathe

Recent research shows that indoor air is often 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, which is why you should keep the air in your home as healthy and clean as possible. You might not be getting a good night’s sleep because of the pollutants in the air you breathe. The top-of-the-line Austin Bedroom Machine not only removes particulate matter like smoke, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, germs, viruses, and pollen, it will even remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that come from such sources as cleaning solutions, carpets, paints, building materials and formaldehyde. Five stages of filtration ensure you are breathing clean air: First is a “large-particle” pre-filter to trap dust, hair, and pet dander; this filter is designed to be vacuumed rather than replaced. Second is a “medium-particle” pre-filter which traps mold, spores, and pollen. The third line of defense is 60 sq ft of medical-grade true HEPA filtration, which removes micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses. Fourth, 15 pounds of military-grade activated carbon removes chemicals, gasses, and odors. Finally, there’s a HEGA carbon/zeolite cloth filter to filter out gasses. Most air filters sold in stores do not remove gaseous VOCs, and the electrostatic cleaners emit harmful ozone. The machine has four casters for easy mobility; move it from room to room to keep breathing clean air. Read more

Perfect Gifts for the Coca-Cola Enthusiast!

On the Edge Marketing 251018 Coca-Cola Neon Clock
Coca-Cola Neon Clock


  • White neon complements the graphic on the face of the clock
  • Frame features simulated chrome finish
  • Clock unit is battery-powered while neon is powered by a standard wall outlet
  • For indoor use only

The perfect accent to game rooms, garages, or just about any other room, this neon clock is sure to add extra personality to your décor. A simulated-chrome circular frame highlights the Coca-Cola logo on the face of the clock.



On the Edge Marketing 262011 Tabletop Coca-Cola Neon Sign
Tabletop Coca-Cola Neon Sign


  • Great conversation piece
  • Hand-bent and hand-formed neon tubing
  • Convenient table stand allows more flexibility in placement
  • Powered by standard 110V outlets

Add some energy and excitement to any room or display case. The sign rests on a stand so you won’t have to mess nails and hooks to mount it to the wall. Looks great on desks, tabletops, in display cases, bookshelves, and more!




On the Edge Marketing 904009 Large Coca-Cola Cooler with Rolling Cart Base
Coca-Cola Cooler
  • Steel construction with aluminum interior lining – built to last
  • A licensed cooler by Coca Cola with an authentic Coca Cola logo
  • Finished in the popular Coke Red color
  • Has a handy Chrome Bottle Opener on the side
  • Comes with a steel cart with heavy duty casters
  • Has a drain plug in the side of cooler

Now you can enjoy the pizzazz of a licensed Coca Cola cooler – perfect for all you Coke fans! Having your cooler at a convenient height for your guests to easily grab drinks instead of bending over to find the right drink is just great.



On the Edge Marketing 260126 Coca-Cola Neon Sign
Coca-Cola Neon Sign


  • Hand-bent and hand-formed neon tubing
  • Mounts easily to the wall
  • Powered by standard 110V outlets

Add a vintage accent to a game room, garage, kitchen, or just about any other room with this neon sign. Easily mount the sign to a wall and plug it into a standard 110V wall outlet and watch the sign light up and instantly bring energy and excitement to the room.