Intuitive Mac Home Automation Software for Remote Control of INSTEON and X10 – Compatible Devices

Indigo 5.0x Pro INSTEON - Compatible Software
Indigo 5, one of the most intelligent, and robust INSTEON / X10 – compatible Home Automation software available for the Mac operating system; this control server allows homeowners to integrate an array of popular INSTEON and X10 devices for unprecedented control of your home lighting and appliances. Locally, remotely or automatically control or program Plug-in Modules, Switches, Wire-in Modules, Sensors, Remote Controllers, Keypads, Touchscreens, Low Voltage I/O Modules and more. The built-in web server provides users with means to access their homes remotely via Mac’s, PC’s, Wi-Fi enabled tablets, PDA’s, and mobile phones. With Indigo Touch (1.7 or above, sold though Mac app store), user’s will gain seamless remote control of their digital home through the use of an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, from virtually anywhere in the world; you can even receive email or text notifications for specific events, such as power failures or motion detection.

Using Indigo 5’s unlimited flexibility of scheduling and exquisite control logic, users will save money, conserve water, provide their home with added security, all while cutting-back on energy usage through strategic programming, and remote or automated control of lighting and appliances. Indigo 5 will also provide the means for user’s to control their sprinklers, security systems, thermostats (HVAC), and more. Program simple, automatic On / Off control, create custom lighting scenes (group containing multiple load controllers activated simultaneously from the same Trigger or remote device), or create a much more complex system using multiple Triggers, Conditions, and Actions. This system is perfect for those who already have a home full of existing INSTEON or X10 hardware, because it allows them to include both technologies in their programming, in-turn, simplifying the control process. Indigo 5 gives homeowner’s the ability to create as simple or as complex a system as they need to suit their applications. Use Indigo to automate your entire home, or create a simple system for scheduling and remote control of only a couple of lights.

The Pro version of Indigo 5 can support an unlimited number of INSTEON devices and provides advanced features that may not be needed for a smaller system or those who are just begining with Starter Kits containing very few devices, and not interested in complex control options. See Indigo 5.0x Lite for support of up to 20 INSTEON devices and more basic control features.

Note (1): Indigo 5 will require a Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) operating system or better. All Mac hardware that has been officially supported by Mac OS X 10.5 will work with Indigo 5. Read more

Flexible Power Strip Bends to Accomodate Different Sized Plugs

  • Flexible form that bends into circular, semi-circular, and zig-zag shapes
  • Six outlet pods, which can be adjusted so that large power bricks don’t hog space
  • Adjusts so you can utilize all six outlet pods
  • 672 Joules of rock-solid surge protection

The Quirky Pivot Power Flexible Power Stip lets you reclaim your outlets with an adjustable power strip that holds large adapters in every outlet. The power strip can be flexed into a circle, semi-circle or zig zag pattern to accomodate larger plugs as well as fitting around furniture. The Power Stip also features surge protection of up to 672 Joules. Includes a 6 foot power cord with flat head plug. Read more

Get that Warm Cozy Feeling of a Fireplace, Minus the Fire

Real Flame 4400-B Eli Ventless Gel Fireplace - Black

The Real Flame 4400-B Eli Ventless Gel Fireplace allows you to enjoy the crackle and ambiance of a Real Flame fireplace. A clean and simplistic design with 3 shelves on each side of the firebox to allow for ample storage of your electronic components and accessories. Easily fits into any style of decor. Made from solid wood, veneer, and MDF construction.

Why Real Flame?
Real Flame allows you to enjoy a warm, cozy fire in any room of your home without the hassle or expense of traditional fireplaces. No chimney or expenses gas hook-ups are required. With over 30 styles and finishes to choose from, there’s a Real Flame fireplace designed to match your décor. Choose from a wide variety of indoor, outdoor and accessory items.

Real Flame fireplaces are assembled in minutes with a Philips head screwdriver. Once assembled, fireplaces are portable and may be from room to room. Available in a variety of sizes, Real Flame fireplaces are ideal for any home, apartment, condo, mobile home or office. They’re perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, family room, recreation room or just about any place you want to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a real fire.

The cost to burn one can of Real Flame gel fuel is approximately $1.05 per hour. You may burn one to three cans in your indoor fireplace at a time. Although not designed as a heating source, each Real Flame can generates approximately 3,000 BTUs per hour when burning. The Eli Ventless Gel Fireplace uses 3 cans, for a total of 9,000 BTU’s per hour. This will create a noticeable warming in a standard-size room.


360° Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensor for any Electrical Layout

Steinel America 60251 IS360 360-Degree ULTRAEYE Motion Sensor, Black

  • Protection against false triggers
  • Completely waterproof and rustproof
  • Dual surge protection
  • Digital high speed circuitry
  • Adjustable detection zones
  • Manual override resets automatically

The ULTRAEYE Motion Sensor provides the user with 360 degrees of coverage. It offers a 40 foot range and can mount to either walls or ceilings. The IS360 can cover a 985 square foot area with full circular coverage. Housed inside the “golf ball” style lens are multiple motion sensors with 120 active zones. This results in an extended 240 – 360 degree, highly accurate detection area, including directly below the sensor. An adjustable Off-Timer can be used for 10 seconds to 15 minutes after motion is detected. The built-in photo-cell allows the user to determine when the motion detector will trigger the wired lights or appliance based on the level of daylight detected by the photo-cell. Choose between 2 – 2,000 lux which is equivalent to setting between full daylight and complete darkness. This device can be used indoors or outdoors. There is no minimum load requirement which will allow this motion sensor to be used with new or existing lights, alarms, bells, CCTV systems, and other electrical appliances. These sensors can handle a maximum load of 600 watts, and can be wired to work with any electrical layout.

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An Affordable Projector Screen that’s Perfect for Any Home Theater


Sima 110




  • Black aluminum frame with non-reflective velvet finish
  • 16X9 Widescreen HDTV format
  • Fixed screen tension for a perfectly flat surface
  • High contrast white screen on one side and dove gray screen on the other side


To take full advantage of LCD, DLP or CRT projection systems, you need the right screen, the problem is that there are multiple screen types that are ideal for different applications. The Sima 110″ Fixed Frame Surface Mount Video Projection Screen answers this problem by providing two screens in one. A high contrast white screen is on side of the frame which ideal for or a vivid, TV-like picture with a wide viewing angle. Flip the screen around, and on the other side of the frame is a dove gray screen, which offers deep blacks for theater-like color reproduction. The durable aluminum frame allows for maximum screen tension, which provides a rigid viewing surface and cleaner picture in comparison to other Velcro-style screens. The lightweight design and included hardware make for easy setup and installation whether you want to hang it on a wall or suspend it from the ceiling. With a non-reflective velvet finish, this screen is perfect for any home theater or public display, and best of all, you choose the right surface for your desired application!

What is Gain?
Gain is a measurement of the reflectivity of any screen or projection surface. The gain number represents a ratio of the light that is reflected from the screen as compared to the light reflected from a standard white (magnesium oxide) board. Therefore, a screen with a gain of 1.0 will reflect the same amount of light as that from a white board. A screen rated at 1.5 gain will reflect 50% more light as that from a white board, whereas a gray screen with an 0.8 rating will reflect 80% of the light from a white board. High gain screens can be quite effective in boosting image brightness. However, the videophile looking for the optimum image quality in a home theater environment will usually want to opt for a low gain screen. Keeping this in mind, Sima set the gain factor for the high contrast white side to 1.0 and the dove gray side to 0.8.

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Want to add some light to your yard, garden or walkway but don’t want to pay the increased electricity costs to do so?

Flipo SOL-JT-L010 Solar Stake Light with Wood Grained Finish
Then look no further than the stylish Flipo SOL-JT-L010 Solar Stake Light with Wood Grained Finish. This solar light runs through harnessing sunlight via the solar panel on its head which then converts the sunlight into energy to charge the lights rechargeable AA Ni-MH battery. Being solar powered means this stake light has several big advantages such as costing its user nothing to operate. It also is completely self-sufficient turning on automatically at dusk and off at dawn. Another big benefit is that you don’t have the hassle of dealing with wiring because it operates wire-free. Simply attach the 17 inch tall light to the included stake mount and set this light up where ever you desire. You will need to keep in mind that in order to work it needs to be in a place that receives a sufficient amount of sunlight over the course of the day in order to keep its battery charged. With a fully charged battery this Solar Stake Light can stay illuminated for up to 12 hours during the night. Read more