Missed Several Calls Because You Couldn’t Hear Your Phone Ring?

Amplified Telephone Ringer with Strobe Light AlertThe Amplified Telephone Ringer with Strobe Light Alert takes care of this problem so you’ll be less likely to miss an important phone call in the future. This product features two types of alerts to help ensure you know when a call is coming in through an amplified ringer and a strobe light. The amplified ringer has an adjustable High/Low/Off setting, with the ‘High’ setting boosting your ringer up to 120dB when an incoming call is received. The strobe light will also flash when there is an incoming call, offering a visual indicator. The device simply installs between your existing telephone and the telephone jack and uses a plug-in adapter for power, included. As an added bonus, you can install three AA batteries, sold separately, to act as a backup power supply in the event of a power failure. This device will work on any standard landline telephone system and can even be used as a way to help the hearing impaired receive a phone call notification. Read more

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