Fun Holiday Lighting For Your Garden..and It’s Solar Powered!

Enjoy the look of string lights without the mess of electric cables or stress of increased energy costs. Designed to run solely off the power of the sun, this string of lights offers more flexibility in placement and application. LEDs will stay illuminated between 8 and 12 hours, depending on lighting conditions. A built-in photo cell measures the amount of available sunlight. If it senses there is not much sunlight left, the string lights will automatically turn on. When ample light is detected, the string lights will automatically turn off. Completely weather-resistant, these lights are meant for outdoor use and are rated for up to 100,000 hours of life. With this string of multi-colored lights, you are sure to make a statement with your outdoor d├ęcor. Read more

Missed Several Calls Because You Couldn’t Hear Your Phone Ring?

Amplified Telephone Ringer with Strobe Light AlertThe Amplified Telephone Ringer with Strobe Light Alert takes care of this problem so you’ll be less likely to miss an important phone call in the future. This product features two types of alerts to help ensure you know when a call is coming in through an amplified ringer and a strobe light. The amplified ringer has an adjustable High/Low/Off setting, with the ‘High’ setting boosting your ringer up to 120dB when an incoming call is received. The strobe light will also flash when there is an incoming call, offering a visual indicator. The device simply installs between your existing telephone and the telephone jack and uses a plug-in adapter for power, included. As an added bonus, you can install three AA batteries, sold separately, to act as a backup power supply in the event of a power failure. This device will work on any standard landline telephone system and can even be used as a way to help the hearing impaired receive a phone call notification. Read more

Does your dog bark persistently, even if nothing seems to be triggering his response?

Stop that annoying noise today! The Bark Stop is a barking deterrent system that uses an ultrasonic tone to teach your dog not to bark incessantly. When the Bark Stop hears your dog bark, it emits an irritating sound that your dog will hear up to 35 feet away. Your pet will quickly learn that his barks trigger this noise and will stop barking without provocation. Bark StopUnlike some ultrasonic bark deterrents, the Bark Stop is safe for indoor or outdoor use. With a 50-foot outdoor power extension cord, you’ll have plenty of freedom of placement. The bark sensitivity adjustment control allows you to adjust how loud the bark must be to cause the correction tone to sound, so regardless of the size of your dog, his incessant barking can be corrected with Bark Stop.

  • Ultrasonic noise stops your pet from barking
  • Works in a 35-foot radius
  • Weather-resistant module is safe for outdoor use

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Get Satellite Radio at Home

NuVo NV-SCH1 SiriusConnect Module

  • Connects to Satellite radio antenna (sold seperately)
  • Easy to install
  • Expand your NuVo audio distribution system

Get the power of SIRIUS on the NVT2SIR with the SiriusConnect Home Tuner Module (NVSCH1). The included single SIRIUS-Ready connect module and SIRIUS indoor antenna (sold separately) is all you need to add SIRIUS Satellite Radio to your T2 tuner. With reception this remarkable, the T2 Tuner from NuVo (NVT2) just may be the closest we’ve come to music from the heavens for an earthbound audience. Combine the best of both terrestrial and extraterrestrial signals in one versatile tuner. With dual AM/FM tuners built in and dual SIRIUS Satellite-Ready connections, you have the power to customize the same tuner for each unique system. Read more