Are certain people using your phone for something they shouldn’t be?

Phone Manager Plus
If they are, you’ll know about it with the Phone Manager Plus, an easy-to-use device that tracks and stores data on the last 2,000 incoming or outgoing calls, including time of day and call duration. It’s ideal for such applications as making sure your teenager isn’t calling her boyfriend after you’ve gone to bed, or seeing that the nanny is actually watching the kids and not chatting with friends all day long. Runs on 3 AA batteries (included).

No Caller ID Subscription is Required to Monitor Outgoing Calls
On outgoing calls, the Phone Manager Plus lists the number dialed, time and duration of the call — no Caller ID subscription is needed! On incoming calls, the Phone Manager Plus logs time and the number of callers based on Caller ID information (incoming monitoring requires a Caller ID subscription from your telephone service provider).

Works on Any Phone Jack on the Line
The Phone Manager Plus will work on any phone jack in the house; it doesn’t have to be the one the phone is connected to. This feature is ideal if you don’t want to reveal that the phone line is being monitored. And since it’s battery operated, the phone monitoring will continue, even if there’s a power outage. Read more

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