Are certain people using your phone for something they shouldn’t be?

Phone Manager Plus
If they are, you’ll know about it with the Phone Manager Plus, an easy-to-use device that tracks and stores data on the last 2,000 incoming or outgoing calls, including time of day and call duration. It’s ideal for such applications as making sure your teenager isn’t calling her boyfriend after you’ve gone to bed, or seeing that the nanny is actually watching the kids and not chatting with friends all day long. Runs on 3 AA batteries (included).

No Caller ID Subscription is Required to Monitor Outgoing Calls
On outgoing calls, the Phone Manager Plus lists the number dialed, time and duration of the call — no Caller ID subscription is needed! On incoming calls, the Phone Manager Plus logs time and the number of callers based on Caller ID information (incoming monitoring requires a Caller ID subscription from your telephone service provider).

Works on Any Phone Jack on the Line
The Phone Manager Plus will work on any phone jack in the house; it doesn’t have to be the one the phone is connected to. This feature is ideal if you don’t want to reveal that the phone line is being monitored. And since it’s battery operated, the phone monitoring will continue, even if there’s a power outage. Read more

Add Wireless Audio Output to any Bluetooth-Compatible Device

NetMedia TuneBeam Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Built-in Microphone
The NetMedia TuneBeam Wireless Bluetooth Headset is an extremely versatile product that allows for many communication and audio applications. It can be synced with any AVRCP, and A2DP wireless V2.0 Stereo Bluetooth-compatible device such as an iPhone, cell phone, PDA, or notebook/laptop computer. Charge the TuneBeam using the included USB to mini plug power cable; the charge will last for up to 10 hours of continuous use (200 hours in standby). Once your device and the (charged) TuneBeam have been synched, simply connect the included earbud headphones or any other headphones to the 1/8″ (3.5mm) mini jack. This will allow you to talk hands-free on your phone while driving, as it features a clip on attachment and a built-in microphone. Optionally, if your car stereo has a 1/8″ (3.5mm) jack you can use a 1/8″ (3.5mm) to 1/8″ (3.5mm) adapter cable to connect the TubeBeam directly to your car audio system. You can also listen to music from your Bluetooth-compatible phone or media player, or add mobility to your Bluetooth-compatible computer’s Internet telephone capability. By using a 1/8″ (3.5mm) to RCA adapter cable you can connect the TuneBeam to your stereo or your whole home audio system and wirelessly stream music from your iPhone or other Bluetooth-compatible device. This device is light weight and is an ideal mobile companion for almost any Bluetooth-compatible device. Read more

Protect Yourself From Insect Bites With a Portable Mosquito Repellent

Bite Shield Portable Mosquito Repellent
Are you concerned about the diseases carried by biting insects? West Nile virus is now being seen in almost every state in the country, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise that when dealing with West Nile virus, prevention is your best bet. The Bite Shield Portable Mosquito Repellent goes where you go. Safe for indoor and outdoor use, this portable, lightweight biting insect repellant produces a scent that biting insects hate but is pleasant to humans. The Bite Shield Portable Mosquito Repellent runs on two AA batteries, sold separately. It can also run on an AC adapter, sold separately.
The Bite Shield Portable Mosquito Repellent’s cartridge contains plastic beads made with a naturally occurring oil called Geraniol, which has proven effective at repelling biting insects, including mosquitoes. The super-quiet fan distributes the scented repellent to give you an umbrella of protection from biting insects and assures stable operation and continuous peak efficiency up to a 15-foot diameter. A belt clip attaches the unit to your body, so you won’t need to think about carrying it around.

Two repellant cartridges are included with the Bite Shield; each will last up to 120 hours. Additional 2-pack refills are available and sold separately. Read more

Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table Sparkle!

Sylvania LED Lighted Table RunnerIf you’re the person that is always looking for innovative ways to add modern, creative décor to your home, the Sylvania LED Lighted Table Runner is just for you. At 12″ wide by 68″ long, this runner will cover the length of most tables and can also be used on mantels or as decorative wall fabric. The runner is made of a special Luminex SpA fiber optic material that allows for a single LED to light up thousands of little lights throughout the fabric for an incredible sparkling effect. The Sylvania LED Fiber Optic Lighted Table Runner is ideal for entertaining, holidays, and special occasions, and is sure to wow family and friends alike. The LED is part of a battery pack that can be removed for recharging and then placed into a secure pouch built into the fabric for up to 10 hours of use. Read more

Attractive TV Cabinet with Mount and Lift

Touchstone Home Products 73007 Motorized Hidden TV Mount and Lift Cabinet, Ellis Trunk
Old World style meets modern technology in this show piece. The rich leather exterior, artfully weathered and worn, reveals the Trunk’s exotic past. The trunk features contrasting espresso leather strap details and rugged hand-hammered grommets to lend an old world appeal to the modern technology housed inside. A treasure piece that is ideally suited for an end of bed location, bringing a unique and evocative styling to your bedroom décor. The Trunk is finished on both sides, making it versatile enough to be used in your den, family room, or study. Preliminary specifications include a Unit Dimension of 44″w x 18″d x 37″h and a Maximum TV Size of 42″w x 5.5″d x 31″h.

Once the TV has been installed, simply plug the TV Lift control box into a nearby wall outlet. The lift will automatically retract to the lowest position and is ready for you to start programming the lift as desired, using the wireless remote, you can raise and lower the lift. The included control box also comes equipped with 2 switched AC receptacles that you can plug components into. If you choose to use the outlets, please note that each time you raise or lower the lift, any component plugged into the outlets will be powered on or off.

The cabinet features a cable management system that protects and manages wires while keeping the system neat, clean, and organized. Simply connect the components to the TV and “snake” the wires through our mesh “snake-skin” system to keep them well organized and away from the lift mechanism. All cabinets come with adjustable feet in all four corners of the cabinet. These can be used to raise/lower the cabinet, and to level the cabinet so that all doors and lid operate smoothly.

The Touchstone control box comes equipped with additional input/output features that allow you to connect external devices such as high-end amplifiers, automation systems such as INSTEON and other devices that you can operate using your Universal remote. Read more

Make Sure Your Child or Elderly Loved One Can Be Identified in Case they Get Lost, Injured or Unable to Speak for Themselves

Identity Pal
The IdentityPal is a USB data storage device used to aid in the retrieval of detailed medical records, pet owner details, and contact information in the event of an emergency.

The unit comes pre-installed with easy-to-use identification templates. The templates are to be filled out with any amount of identification information that suits your specific needs. Information is read-only without password. IdentityPal software is Windows-based, extremely user-friendly, and resembles Outlook in design.

The IdentityPal can warn of existing medical conditions, allergies, current medications, and also serve as a complete portable database of medical records (and insurance information) for use during medical care. Have peace of mind while your child is away at school, a friend’s house, the shopping mall, amusement park, and especially while traveling. The IdentityPal is also the first hi-tech luggage tag, and a thorough pet ID tag, complete with information about your pet’s medical history. Also a personal database for documents and records.

Security For Documents
If the intended application of your IdentityPal is for personal use, you may include sensitive information that you would not like to be exposed (such as certain medical or legal records). To protect your information from ever being lost or stolen, you have the option to password-encrypt your information with 128-bit AES (Advanced Encyption Standard). Unlike the majority of “Find your child or pet” products, no information is stored online, just waiting to be hacked into, only in the IdentityPal itself.

The software pre-installed on the IdentityPal allows you to edit templates and customize however you wish. You can even create new templates to suit any use. Simple, voice-guided instructions are included to guide you through the process.

When Found
IdentityPal will autorun; feature will automatically launch the included information-retrieval software (no installation necessary). The software dialogs will prompt the viewer with immediate medical and contact information. A series of quick, simple tutorials will guide the user through the software and show them how to obtain the information they require to assist the IdentityPal holder based on the particular situation. Read more