Having Smoke Detectors Installed May Not Be Enough

Having smoke detectors installed in your home is only part of the solution to keeping your family safe from fire. To be effective, a fire safety plan must address three key areas: detection, suppression, and escape. Smoke detectors may act as great detection – alerting you and your loved ones that danger is present – but this doesn’t address the suppression or escape needs. While smoke detectors and sprinklers are devices used to detect and extinguish dangers such as fire, PEARL is the first permanently installed ladder that addresses the need to escape safely from these dangers. Having multiple exits available for use in your home if danger ever arises is vital if one or more exit points become blocked by fire or debris. This firefighter-recommended product is the perfect way to round out your fire safety readiness.

PEARL Will Be There for Any Emergency

Preparedness is the key to keeping your loved ones safe in case a dangerous situation should ever arise. If ever your family is faced with the need to escape from a second story window due to home invasion, fire, or flooding, the permanent Emergency and Rescue Ladder will be there. PEARL provides what many current emergency escape plans lack – safe options when a primary exit, such as a downstairs front door, is not available. It’s smart to have a plan of action in place that will help children or other household members determine: 1) where the dangers are located, 2) whether an upstairs escape is necessary and 3) whether PEARL should be deployed to escape to safety. Read more

Did you accidently leave the baby’s room window open? Now you can monitor the temperature in your baby’s room and know that they are always safe and comfortable

Levana LV-TW200 Melody Digital Baby Monitor with Talk-To-Baby Intercom and Temperature Sensor
Many studies indicate that your baby’s room should be between 61-68° F (16-20° C). The baby unit is programmed with three well-known lullabies to help soothe your child to sleep. These can be operated remotely from parent unit. Getting your baby on a schedule can be a challenging task. Get a head start by programming the built-in timer according to your baby’s feeding schedule as a reminder of feeding time.

The built-in LED flash light on the parent unit will help you navigate around your child’s room in the dark without interrupting sleep. This comes in handy when you need to find something in your baby’s room while he/she is fast asleep. The baby unit has a gentle night light that glows a calming tangerine. You can turn it on manually; set it to automatic which will turn on whenever your child becomes restless and makes noise; or control it by remote control from another room.

Customize your wireless range to fit your monitoring needs. Adjust to ECO mode to conserve energy or LONG mode to monitor from up to 2000 ft away! Voice activated technology helps conserve battery life by putting the system into hibernation mode when sounds are not detected. Simply place the parent unit onto the charging base which uses an energy efficient power adapter, and enjoy over 8 hours of continuous audio. The baby unit can be powered by 3 AA batteries (not included) or an included power adapter.

Monitor your baby’s audible sounds in silence. LEDs accurately indicate the strength of your baby’s cries. On screen display shows your current battery level and indicates battery low warning. An audible alert will let you know if your unit is too far from the baby’s and connectivity has been lost. Read more

Gift for Kids: A Fountain that Simulates a dancing water show without having to use water

Can You Imagine 1155 Foam Fountain

  • Foam pellets and LED lights create a hypnotic visual show
  • 7 different built-in visual effects
  • Includes everything needed for setup

The Foam Fountain from Can You Imagine is a hypnotic visual experience that is sure to liven up any room and provide non-stop entertainment. When turned on the Foam Fountain will simulate a dancing water show however it does not require any water. This fountain uses tiny foam pellets and LED lighting to create an amazing show for all. The fountain has 7 different built-in visual effects that will entertain your family and friends for hours. With this fountain you can even let it do its own thing by turning on some music and then just sit back and watch it dance on its own. The Foam Fountain is powered by an AC adapter which is included with the purchase as well as everything else needed to setup the fountain. Read more

Open and Close Your Shades Automatically Using the Power of the Sun

Whether you’re interested in new technology, home security, or economical thinking in energy conservation, window coverings play a major role in today’s environment. Motorization enhances that role by allowing sun sensors, timers, and network controls to open and close shades when you need them whether you’re home or away. The BTX Drapery Motor System features its own built in radio receiver with accompanying 6-Channel RF Remote, eliminating the need for external controls. The included 6-Channel RF Remote will control up to 6 Drapery Systems individually or up to 6 groups of Systems collectively. Each channel can be set to control either one system or multiple systems simultaneously. Other operation methods available include wall switches or via a home network.

This kit includes a solar panel so the system is completely “off the grid.” When placed in a sunny window with the Drapery Control System, the solar panel can power the system off of just two hours of sunlight a day.

The DC Drapery System includes only the track system, motor, and control. Draperies are sold separately. A pinch pleat style drapery with hooks to attach to the track is recommended. This makes the DC Drapery System ideal for users who already have window treatments as this is what is commonly hung in windows. Read more

Do you want increased protection from break-in’s but have a living situation that doesn’t allow you to change out your deadbolts?

Keypout K100 Keypout Anti-Lock Bumping Device
If so then look no further than the Keypout Anti-Lock Bumping Device. The Keypout works by sliding over your existing door knob and deadbolt to securely keep the deadbolt locked and in place. This prevents the deadbolt lock from being bumped or picked leaving its user with the peace of mind that they are safe in their home. If you happen to live with roommates it is a great way to ensure you are afforded the privacy you deserve if there is more than one key for your room. For optimal protection it is best to place the Keypout over your deadbolt lock at an angle for a snug and tight fit. It fits with nearly all deadbolt door lock handlesets allowing its user to use it on a bedroom door, front door and even bring it with them if they move or are traveling. Because the Keypout is not big and bulky it stores away easy when not in use and is not a hassle to bring with you when traveling. For day to day storage the Keypout easily lifts off the deadbolt lock and rests around the door knob of whatever door it is used on. The Keypout is an ideal security product for, but not limited to, renters, college students, people living on their own, single parent homes, offices, senior citizens, babysitters and home owners that do not want to change their lock(s). Read more

Monitor Entryways to Your Home Using an Invisible Beam of Light

Enforcer Flush-Mount In-Wall Photoelectric Beam Sensor with 16 Foot Range

  • Transmitter/receiver fits into a single-gang box and the reflector is a simple wall mount
  • Easy installation with adjustable beam alignment
  • 16′ (5m) range for beam
  • Normally closed, normally open and common relay outputs

Increase security to entryways at home or in the office by installing the Enforcer Flush-Mount In-Wall Photoelectric Beam Sensor. The Transmitter/Receiver has been designed to fit into a single-gang box for a flush mount application and the beam reflector simply mounts on the wall across from the transmitter/receiver up to 16 feet away. The transmitter/receiver and reflector will not only be attractive, they will not stick out from your wall as other similar plug-in modules will. Beam alignment is adjustable up to 15 degrees horizontally or vertically, making installation even easier. A typical application for this product is to set the beam up across an entryway or hallway in your home, office or retail shop. When the beam is broken, the sensor will turn the yellow LED light on and trigger a normally closed, normally open or common relay output on your alarm system or warning device. This product requires a 12VDC Power Supply, sold separately. Read more