Intercom Systems That Connect in Seconds

SVAT Electronics VIS300-7M2 Video Intercom System
Intercom systems make communication throughout the home simple and convenient, eliminating the need to yell to the kids or wander through the house to find Dad to tell him he has a phone call. The only downside to intercom systems is the hassle and expense involved in wiring the individual stations into the wall and running the connecting wiring throughout the home. But Smarthome has a few different options that involve almost no work at all to install. Take a look at a couple intercom systems that will help to solve your family’s communication problems.
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A Smarthome Best-Seller: The Wonder Winder

Wonder Winder - Electrical Cord Winder



  • No more messy winding by hand, tangled cords, or dangerous tripping hazards
  • Keep your garage or workbench clean and clutter-free
  • Indoor or outdoor use

Wouldn’t it be great if your extension cord neatly coiled itself without any twists, knots, or kinks? It could happen, with Wonder Winder, that is. This electrical cord winder comes complete with two twist-lock mounting plates that can be installed on walls indoors or outdoors near an electrical outlet.

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The Perfect Gift for the Deep Sleepers in Your Family


Accenda Sunshine Voice Activated Talking Alarm Clock



  • Voice operated
  • Record up to three individual alarms with custom messages you record
  • Optional memo feature allows for personal recorded message and reminder
  • Alarm can automatically turn on your TV
  • Responds to voice commands out of the box and can be trained to your individual voice


If you are looking for something more than just your average alarm clock, the Accenda Sunshine Voice Activated Interactive Talking Alarm Clock and Reminder is the product for you. The alarm clock features the latest in speech recognition technology, actually listening for your voice commands. You can record up to three different custom alarms as a wake up tool or as a simple reminder during the day. Optionally you can record a memo for you or someone else to listen to anytime. It responds to such commands as ‘What time is it’ by announcing the time and day of the week and to ‘Play memo’, ‘Snooze’, ‘Night Light’ and many more. The alarm clock can even be set to turn on your TV when the alarm sounds in the morning. It incorporates a modern vertical style takes up very little space on the night table along with a voice activated nightlight and backlit display for easy viewing in the dark. This full featured alarm clock is ideal for people who are blind or who have limited mobility. Once it has been programmed, you won’t have to look at or touch the clock in order to determine the time! The voice activated interactive alarm clock it perfect for the bedroom, home office, or kitchen.

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Get Ambience Without Messy Candle Wax or Increased Energy Bills

Candlelight is an easy way to change the mood of your surroundings – creating a soothing environment after a long day, adding sophistication for parties, or enhancing romance for a night in. However, the potential for dripping or spilled wax and hazards of an open flame do not make candles the ideal lighting method. This wall sconce with an LED candle can replace existing candle fixtures for a safer, cleaner living space. Constructed from real wax, this flameless version looks just like traditional candles but requires less maintenance. There will no longer be wax to chip out of the glass container or flames to remember to blow out. Simply flip the switch to turn the LED on and give the candle a lit appearance. Then, flip the switch to off when its light is no longer required. Because the candle operates off battery power, you won’t see any increases in your electricity bill.

Flipo FLA-SERAF-WSC Pacific Accents Serafina Wall Sconce - Oil Rubbed Bronze



  • Lighting accents without using electricity
  • Adds style, class, and ambience to any space
  • 3″ x 5″ candle is made from real wax
  • Hassle-free setup and easy to use
  • LED flickers to resemble a real candle

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Discretely Record Your Phone Conversations


Mini Gadgets VRDigi1000 Telephone Voice Recorder




  • Adjustable recording quality modes
  • Can automatically begin recording when you answer a call
  • Instantly playback recordings
  • Easily transfer recordings to your PC
  • Can also be used as an MP3 player


Keep a record of all your telephone conversations with this voice recorder. Setup only takes a few minutes and you will be ready to start recording. Different recording quality modes are available to best fit your application. You can even set the recorder to automatic mode and it will instantly start recording when you answer a call. Recordings can be played back from the unit or transfered to a PC from the SD card. This voice recorder operates via power from a standard electrical outlet, so you’ll never have to worry about running low on battery in the middle of a call.

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Versatile Wireless Tablet for Whole Home Audio and DLNA Device Control

Sony RMN-U1 HomeShare Universal Remote



  • 5-inch touch screen
  • Utilizes your WiFi network for wireless control of your home audio and theater system
  • No PC required for setup or general use
  • Play the content in every room of your home with the Party Streaming function
  • Works with DLNA-enabled devices
  • Stores activities and settings for one-touch access later



No matter where you are in the house, you’ll be able to control your music, cue your theater system, and connect to DLNA-enabled devices from a single, convenient handheld device. A five-inch touch screen with high-quality screen resolution, this remote is easy to use and extremely simple to set up. After the initial setup, the HomeShare remote connect to your WiFi networks at the touch of a button, without the need to recall lengthy and complicated passwords. No PC is required; all set up is done directly from the tablet remote. Guided setups allow you to add devices, group them into rooms, program settings for activities, and control devices right from the tablet.

Once the devices are organized into rooms, you can control each room independently or use the Party Streaming® to play the same content across multiple devices at once. The remote allows you to create “activities”, in which it will turn devices on/off or switch inputs of your home theater components. Activities allow you to perform several commands at once, with the tap of a single button. The remote also capable of learning commands, making it compatible with virtually any IR device. Wireless capabilities give you the freedom to move from room to room and control devices when you are on the opposite end of the house. The tablet also accesses DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) devices within your home. Access and search music and other content from any computer on your network and send to any A/V device within your home. Or stream music from Internet sites such as Pandora. You will be able to create ambience in as many rooms as you choose from one location within your home, leaving you with more time to appreciate the sounds of your audio and home theater systems.

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