Brush that Swivels in Four Positions to Eliminate Ice and Frost from Your Car or Windshield

When temperatures drop, this snow brush is sure to clear your car of snow and ice. Its lightweight design is constructed from sturdy polycarbonate with foam-covered aluminum handles, making it durable and tough on stubborn ice, yet ergonomic on your hands and wrists. Use the brush in one of four positions. The push and pull position is perfect for removing snow off the hood, trunk, or roof of your vehicle. A broom position helps to brush snow off the side and backs of vehicles.Two sweep positions (left and right) make it easier to reach across your windshield to remove ice and snow.Oskar 20458 AngleMax Four Position Snow Brush Extend the handle from 77 to 112 cm for high windshields or to protect your clothing from brushing against the dirt and snow on the car.

  • Choose from four ergonomic positions
  • Extendable from 77 to 112 cm
  • Constructed of strong polycarbonate and aluminum handles
  • Foam cushion over the handle for added comfort

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Add Switch Control to a Lamp Without Installing New Wiring

  • Turn your lamp on or off from the wireless switch
  • Features five dimming levels
  • Control incandescent lighting up to 150 Watts
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Can be used with other Wireless Command lighting control products

Heath/Zenith WC-6004-WH Add a Switch and Lamp Socket - WhiteThis receiver/transmitter set allows you to control any standard lamp from a convenient switch without any wiring. Simply screw the light bulb into the socket receiver and install into the lamp. Then mount the switch with the included hardware and you’ll be able to turn the light on or off, as well as dim and brighten the light. The switch is powered by a CR2032 battery, included. Because the switch is not connected to your home’s wiring, you have complete flexibility in where you place your switch. Transmission range is 100 feet, so you can even mount the switch on the opposite side of the room. Read more

11.15.11 is America Recycles Day!

“One day to educate. One day to motivate. One day to make recycling bigger and better 365 days a year. Get Involved!”


Since 1997, many communities have come together on this day to celebrate America Recycles Day. It is a nationally recognized day that is dedicated to promoting recycling in the United States. There will be many events going on across the states so make sure to check your local events. Do you think recycling doesn’t matter? Well did you know that you could run a televising for nearly 3 hours from the energy saved from just recycling 1 aluminum can! Here are some tips from the Department of Natural Resources recycling program to help you boost the amount you recycle!

    • Compost food and yard debris.
simplehuman KT1131int 1.2 Gallon Compost Pail - Stainless Steel
Take the Odor Out of the Composting Process
    • Donate clothing, furniture or other household items you no longer use to a local nonprofit or resale store. By donating reusable items, you’re helping others in your community while reducing waste.
    • Recycle your electronics.
Velleman VL9878U Battery Charger for AA and AAA NiMh and NiCd Batteries
Recycle old batteries by using rechargeables
    • Be a thoughtful shopper. Look for products labeled with a high recycled content or that use “post-consumer” recycled materials, or buy products with minimal packaging or packaging that is easily recyclable.
simplehuman CW1354 10 Gallon Flip Lid Recycler
Making Recycling Easier for All

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Save Energy While Creating a Fresher and Healthier Atmosphere

TCP Inc. 689232F2 23-Watt Soft White Odor Eliminating Mini Spiral CFL Light Bulb, 2-Pack
The 23-Watt Odor Eliminating Mini Spiral CFL is much more than just energy efficient lighting. This revolutionary new product eliminates odors while providing a low cost, low-energy-consuming alternative to inefficient incandescent bulbs. All it takes is a flip of a light switch, and ten minutes later, this bulb begins eliminating odors; This makes it perfect for restrooms, closets, workout rooms, garages, basements, barns, kennels, rooms with cat litter boxes, smoking areas, and any other damp-smelling or typically low-air-flow environments. This bulb can also help get rid of odors associated with mold or mildew caused by flood damage. The CFL bulb will continue to break down odors for 3 years after installation. Plus, since this bulb features all of the benefits of a typical CFL Mini Spiral, it will provide a 1,600 lumen output for an expected 9 years; Saving you hundreds in replacing filters with other deodorizing systems and up to 75% on energy consumption. Read more

There’s no off season when it comes to germs, allergens and bacteria so shouldn’t you make sure you have something to fight them day in, day out?

Dr. Doormat DM1824CH Antimicrobial Doormat Charcoal Gray, Small
Dr. Doormat introduces the DM1824GY Antimicrobial Doormat Charcoal Gray, Small which is antimicrobial treated to help destroy harmful allergens, bacteria, dust mites and more from an obvious place that is seemingly forgotten about…the soles of your shoes. Think about all the stuff that comes into contact with the bottom of your shoes on a normal day. Now when you get home what do you do? Walk inside on your carpet, hardwood floors, all over the house spreading bacteria and other microbes with each passing step before eventually taking your shoes off.

With the Antimicrobial treated Doormat you can effectively destroy up to 99% of those unwelcome microbes by simply wiping each shoe at least twice on the doormat upon or before entering your home. Here’s how it works, the microbes are negatively charged living organisms while the antimicrobial treatment on the doormat is positively charged. The positive charge means that as you wipe your feet the doormat will act almost as a vacuum by pulling the microbes from the soles of the shoe and down onto the mat. Now, you may say “I already have a doormat so why do I need this one?” A common doormat acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes to collect and grow. Every time you step on your common mat to wipe, you’re wiping off the daily collection and simply re-contaminating the soles of your shoes. Your shoe then acts as a springboard, transferring the microbes into your home and spreading it all around. Read more

An Android Tablet Like No Other


Get all the great things you love from Sony, now in a tablet. Enjoy a truly optimized tablet that’s responsive and intuitive with a vibrant TruBlack display – its comfortable design fits perfectly in the palm of your hands. Access PlayStation® games and Reader™ eBooks, plus music and new release movies from Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited. Control the living room with the built-in universal IR remote or choose to share, view and transfer personal video, photos and music and more to your DLNA compatible PC, TV or speakers. Sony’s latest software technology brings you fast web browsing, responsive touch panel, and exceptionally intuitive user interface.

The Sony Tablet™ S was conceived for comfort over long periods of time. The ergonomic, wedge-shaped form shifts weight closer to the side, making it feel ultra light in one hand. It also makes for a perfect typing angle when set on a table. Sony’s latest software technology brings you faster web browsing, a more responsive touch panel and smooth animation through the menus. You’ll appreciate the enhanced speed in everything you touch. Snap photos and shoot video of the world around you with a 5-megapixel rear camera. There’s also a front-facing camera for recording your own antics.

Imagine all of Sony’s expertise folded to fit perfectly in your hand. A tablet that streams 10 million songs and downloads the latest movies from Sony Entertainment Network, is a PlayStation™ certified device and acts as your universal remote control. All on our most fluid touch-screen ever.

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