Extends Almost Two Feet to Remove Ice and Snow from your Car and Windshield


When temperatures drop, this snow brush is sure to clear your car of snow and ice. Its lightweight design is constructed from sturdy polypropylene and polycarbonate, making it durable and tough on stubborn ice, yet easy on your hands and wrists. The snow brush can be used in two positions: a double brush for sweeping or an extra-wide brush head for pushing and pulling snow. When assembled, the brush extends almost two feet long to reach across large windshields. The scraper is detachable and can be used with or without the brush handle. A rubber squeegee is also included to clear off windows. Fold the snow brush to half its size for convenient storage in your trunk or under a seat.

Oskar 20052 Fold Up Snow Brush



  • 2 Positions: double brush for sweeping and extra wide head for pushing and pulling snow
  • Includes rubber squeegee to use on windows
  • Constructed of strong polypropylene and polycarbonate
  • Folds up for easy storage

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Eco-Friendly Doormat Designed to Destroy Microorganisms on the Bottom of Shoes

There’s no off season when it comes to germs, allergens and bacteria so shouldn’t you make sure you have something to fight them day in, day out? Dr. Doormat introduces the DM1824GY Antimicrobial Doormat Charcoal Gray, Small which is antimicrobial treated to help destroy harmful allergens, bacteria, dust mites and more from an obvious place that is seemingly forgotten about…the soles of your shoes. Think about all the stuff that comes into contact with the bottom of your shoes on a normal day. Now when you get home what do you do? Walk inside on your carpet, hardwood floors, all over the house spreading bacteria and other microbes with each passing step before eventually taking your shoes off. With the Antimicrobial treated Doormat you can effectively destroy up to 99% of those unwelcome microbes by simply wiping each shoe at least twice on the doormat upon or before entering your home. Here’s how it works, the microbes are negatively charged living organisms while the antimicrobial treatment on the doormat is positively charged. The positive charge means that as you wipe your feet the doormat will act almost as a vacuum by pulling the microbes from the soles of the shoe and down onto the mat. Now, you may say “I already have a doormat so why do I need this one?” A common doormat acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes to collect and grow. Every time you step on your common mat to wipe, you’re wiping off the daily collection and simply re-contaminating the soles of your shoes. Your shoe then acts as a springboard, transferring the microbes into your home and spreading it all around.

Dr. Doormat DM1824R Antimicrobial Doormat Autumn Red, Small

The Antimicrobial treated Doormat is also an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious product. Each mat from Dr. Doormat uses yarn woven from recycled and virgin raw material by way of non-toxic pigments and resins. Dr. Doormat also takes 100% of all scrap materials not used in production and incorporates them into yarn so that nothing goes to waste. The antimicrobial treatment used is non-leaching and biodegradable. The rubber backing of the Antimicrobial Doormat is made from a blend of natural and recycled rubber and manufactured in a controlled environment in the United States. Each mat has a 2 year manufacturers warranty and is hand cut.

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Keep an Eye on Kids and Babysitters

This may look like an ordinary child’s plaything but this plush dog gives you a way to monitor your children when you aren’t there. You can ensure your child stays out of trouble or even keep an eye on the babysitter after the children are put to bed. It looks and feels just like a stuffed animal that can talk and sing to your children so no one will ever suspect it holds a camera, even if they were to pick it up. High resolution video is stored within the unit’s 16GB internal memory. A wide viewing angle of 72 degrees lets you see most of what is going on in the room. Set the camera to record normal video or begin recording when it detects motion. The camera’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery can last up to 10 hours on a full charge for plenty of hours of surveillance. A remote control is also included for easier control of your camera. Signals are not transmitted, so you can be sure no one is stealing your signal or tapping into your footage. Place the stuffed animal in any room you want monitored and none will be the wiser.Mini Gadgets BB2DogG10 BUSH BABY2 Plush Dog Covert Camera/DVR - Purple

  • A hidden camera disguised as an adorable stuffed animal
  • Can start recording when it detects motion
  • 72 degree viewing angle with 1280 x 960 @ 30FPS resolution
  • Works with micro SD cards up to 16GB
  • Includes a remote control

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Get all the great things you love from Sony, now in a tablet

Sony SGPT112US/S Tablet S - 32GB
Enjoy a truly optimized tablet that’s responsive and intuitive with a vibrant TruBlack display – its comfortable design fits perfectly in the palm of your hands. Access PlayStation® games and Reader eBooks, plus music and new release movies from Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited. Control the living room with the built-in universal IR remote or choose to share, view and transfer personal video, photos and music and more to your DLNA compatible PC, TV or speakers. Sony’s latest software technology brings you fast web browsing, responsive touch panel, and exceptionally intuitive user interface.

The Sony Tablet S was conceived for comfort over long periods of time. The ergonomic, wedge-shaped form shifts weight closer to the side, making it feel ultra light in one hand. It also makes for a perfect typing angle when set on a table. Sony’s latest software technology brings you faster web browsing, a more responsive touch panel and smooth animation through the menus. You’ll appreciate the enhanced speed in everything you touch. Snap photos and shoot video of the world around you with a 5-megapixel rear camera. There’s also a front-facing camera for recording your own antics.

Imagine all of Sony’s expertise folded to fit perfectly in your hand. A tablet that streams 10 million songs and downloads the latest movies from Sony Entertainment Network, is a PlayStation certified device and acts as your universal remote control. All on our most fluid touch-screen ever. Read more

Protect Your Floors from Dog Food and Water Spills, Scratches, Dirt and Other Wear and Tear

Dogit Fresh & Clear Drinking Water Fountain for Dogs, Large
Dogit Placemat for Dogit Fresh & Clear Drinking Water Fountain for Dogs, Large

  • Compatible with Dogit Fresh & Clear Drinking Water Fountain for dogs
  • Protects flooring from the daily wear and tear around your dog dish

If you already own or are purchasing a Dogit Fresh & Clear Drinking Water Fountain for Dogs, Large, Large, sold separately, this placemat is the perfect accessory. Designed specifically for use with the Dogit Large Drinking Fountain, it provides a barrier between the fountain and your floors. This barrier helps to protect you valuable flooring from the unsightly and costly effects that occur over time from spills, scratches, dirt and other misc wear and tear around the dog dish area. Additionally, it features a unique interlocking design that allows you to connect it with another mat to hold the Dogit Elevated Food Bowl, sold separately.

Average Customer Rating

5 Stars

4 Stars SUSAN — SCOTTSDALE, AZ    Date: 1/19/2011
Review: it is great..it helps with the water mess of my dribbly dogs…but my lab drops water all over the place…you would think she had a beard. I purchased this for my parents home…just may have to buy one for mine as well.

5 Stars ELLEN — HUMMELSTOWN, PA    Date: 11/28/2010
Review: wonderful under the drinking fountain.

5 Stars SHAUN — PHOENIX, AZ    Date: 6/29/2010
Review: Love this mat – it saved the day when our fountain developed a hairline crack which caused a slow leak – in the morning I found the mat full of water, but nothing made it to the floor – thank goodness! This also fits the fountain perfectly. I wasn’t going to get it at first, but am so glad I did.

Use a Remote Outdoor Temperature Sensor to Connect to Your IP Thermostat

Proliphix Precision Outdoor Sensor
Connect a remote outdoor temperature sensor to your web-enabled thermostat, and you’ll be able to monitor the outdoor temperature at your home when you’re away, even adjusting your thermostat accordingly, if desired. The Proliphix Precision Outdoor Sensor provides precision remote temperature sensing for the IP Thermostat w/Remote Sensor Capability network thermostat. The temperature sensor’s active sensing element is made of a highly stable precision thermal resistor material accurate to within +/- .36° F (0.2° C). Sold separately, the IP Thermostat w/Remote Sensor Capability will support up to two remote sensors. Additional sensors are sold separately.

Mount the Proliphix Precision Outdoor Sensor horizontally in the shade for outside air temperature sensing. The temperature-sensitive element is sheated in a stainless steel tube and mounted inside a ventilated, treated PVC shield to minimize radiant energy and weather-related effects.

The IP Thermostat w/Remote Sensor Capability can be controlled directly at the unit or monitored and adjusted remotely over an authenticated, secure and free Internet connection through the Proliphix website. The IP Thermostat w/Remote Sensor Capability is also available to be purchased in a kit with a 6-Port Power Adapter or a 2-Port Power Adapter. Read more