The Ultimate in Personal Air Purification Technology

Product Title (In box)The AirTamer® A302 is one of the world’s most effective travel air purifiers and is certified to filter 875% more air pollutants than the closest competitor.

Its state-of-the-art electrostatic purification creates a 3 foot sphere of cleaner, healthier air around your head. It cleans the air of atomic sized pollutants (e.g. viruses) that traditional air purifiers (e.g. HEPA air purifiers) leave behind.

AirTamer®’s new power boost technology has 2x more cleaning power than the AirTamer A300. It emits a constant stream of healthy negative ions that force airborne pollutants (e.g. viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust, etc.) away from your personal space, giving you a zone of cleaner, healthier air to breathe, everywhere you go!

A proprietary conductive lanyard (now, adjustable in length) dramatically improves performance and increases run time. The extremely energy efficient technology provides 7 days of continuous use (over 3 times longer than competitive units) with 2 included lithium coin cell batteries.

AirTamer®’s design is ultra compact and incredibly versatile. You can wear it around your neck (strap included) since it is smaller than most MP3 players. You can also clip it to your shirt or blouse (includes integral clip) or stand it freely on a nightstand once you reach your destination so the air around your pillow is cleaned. The “on” indicator light gently blinks to indicate it is cleaning the air.

AirTamer® includes a metal travel case to protect the air purifier when not in use. Maintenance is easy since there are no filters to replace.

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Make Sure Your Family is not Left in the Dark when the Power Goes Out

Never run the risk of being left stuck in the dark if your home is hit with a power outage. With the Mr Beams MB240 Power Outage Lighting System Kit you can give yourself and your family the peace of mind that this will never happen because this kit will instantly light up if power is lost. The kit consists of 3 pieces and can be grown to as many as 30 to suit your lighting needs.

The first component of the lighting system kit is the Power Outage Detector or POD. The POD is the brain of the kit and is what senses a loss of power in the house and in turn automatically sends out a wireless signal to up to 30 wireless LED Mr Beams lights. The Power Outage Detector is only compatible with Mr Beams’ Wireless LED Stair Lights and Wireless LED Ceiling Lights. The POD must be plugged into a wall outlet which is how it is capable of detecting whether or not there has been a power outage in your home. While plugged into the outlet the rechargeable battery in the POD is charged to ensure that it will function properly for hours when called upon and removed from the outlet. The Power Outage Detector also functions as a bright LED flashlight when needed and automatically illuminates with the rest of the kit in the event power is lost. The remote control feature of the POD has a 70ft transmission range and while the kit only comes with 2 wireless LED lights, any combination of up to 30 Wireless LED Stair Lights or Wireless LED Ceiling Lights can be added and controlled with 1 POD.

Mr Beams MB240 Power Outage Lighting System Kit



  • Power Outage Detector (POD) controls up to 30 wireless LED Mr Beams lights
  • POD has a 70ft transmission range
  • POD activates all wireless Mr Beams lights in event power is lost
  • Ceiling Light is wireless and can be installed anywhere
  • Stair and Path Light provide 40 hours of light on one set of batteries

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Heavy-Duty Mechanical Lamp and Appliance Daily Timer Allows 48 On / Off Settings

Sylvania SA 110 Heavy-Duty Mechanical Appliance Timer, 15 Amps



  • Item works with lighting and appliances – air conditioners, heaters, fans, etc.
  • Allows up to 48 On/Off settings per day
  • Features a grounded 3-prong outlet
  • Untimed outlet allows you to power additional appliances from the same receptacle
  • Protective cover can be used to protect settings and to match home decor
  • Pegs can not be removed and lost
  • Indicator light shows if the timer is active or not


The Sylvania Heavy-Duty Mechanical Timer features a 3-prong time controlled grounded outlet which has added protection from stray voltage. The 48 On/Off settings allowed by this device give the user flexibility with scheduling and a deterrent against break-ins while away from the home. Added security and safety can be provided when programmed to automatically switch On and Off at random times to give your home a lived-in look. This is perfect for use while at work or on vacation. This device is programmed with the pegs which are not capable of being removed. Set-up is very easy, you will select the On/Off times by adjusting the position of the pegs permanently housed in the timer. Because they are permanently housed in the timer they will not be lost over the life of the product. Use this device to automatically control heavy-duty lamps and appliances. An indicator light is provided to show the status of the load, “On” or “Off”. The decorative cover included allows you to protect your timer settings as well as match your home decor. This device offers an untimed outlet which allows you to power another device through the same receptacle powering the timer. There is a master switch allowing the user to manually switch the timer On and Off. The timer can be used with lighting or appliances with a maximum load of 15-Amps.

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Use the Power of the Sun to Bring Light and Style to Your Garden or Outdoor Pathways

Moonrays 91743 Hudson Solar Path Light (6-Pack) - Pearl Bronze




  • 6 lamps with ground stakes
  • 2X LEDs provide twice as many lumens as regular solar lamps
  • No wiring or programming necessary – use right out of the box
  • Provides 8 hours of light on a full charge
  • Weatherproof for use in all outdoor conditions



Keep walkways well-lit in the dark with this set of solar lights. Six lights are included and are designed for outdoor use. Heavy-duty construction makes them resistant to all types of weather conditions so they can be used in any climate, no matter what time of year. Each unit is ready to use right out of the box. No assembly or installation is required – simply drive the lights into the ground and let the sun do the rest. Each lamp has one warm-white bright 2X LED which provides twice as many lumens as regular solar lamps. Light shines in a 120 degree angle, providing about 24 inches of ground coverage. Ribbed plastic lens create a layered look and reduces harshness of the light, allowing for gentler illumination.

When fully charged, each light can provide up to eight hours of illumination. During the day, each lamp charges in the sunshine. A light-sensing photocell detects the absence of light and automatically turns the light on at dusk. As the sun rises, the light will automatically turn off, allowing the battery to recharge. Because it is able to recharge itself, the LED will never need replacing.

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Elk Navigator 3.5″ LCD Touchscreen Gives Full Control of your M1 System


Elk Products M1KPNAV 3.5-inch Navigator LCD Touchscreen


The Elk Navigator is an elegant touchscreen keypad for controlling the M1 system. The 3.5″ display has bright, easy-to-use graphic icons and soft keys and can be programmed to suit your needs. The Navigator connects to the M1 system via the RS485 bus, so it’s perfect for new or retrofit installations. There are 6 programmable function keys. Built-in piezo sounder gives chimes and alerts. The LCD touchscreen offers the full menu display for total control of your M1 system. Mounts in a new-work single-gang box in drywall, or a special surface-mount back box. Add a bezel in your choice of white (included), black, or silver to complete your installation.

  • 3.5″ high contrast LCD touchscreen display
  • 6 programmable function keys
  • Unique menu navigation
  • Operates on 4-wire RS485 data bus
  • Built-in piezo sounder with adjustable pitch
  • One supervised zone input
  • One switched positive voltage output