Hi-Res Indoor / Outdoor Camera has LEDs for Night Vision



Place this indoor/outdoor camera anywhere you need a clear view of people or vehicles coming and going from your property. It’s weatherproof to the IP65 standard, and has infrared (IR) LEDs for vision even in total darkness. The 4.3mm lens gives a good field of view of subjects close to the camera. Comes with mounting bracket and a pigtail for the power connection. You will also need a 12VDC power supply and a video/power cable.

Honeywell HB72S Super Hi-Res IR Bullet Camera 530TV Lines, Silver



  • 12 infrared (IR) LEDs allow video in total darkness
  • 530TV lines resolution
  • Weatherproof to IP65 standard
  • IR range up to 45′
  • Comes with mounting bracket
  • Comes with 4.3mm lens

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Control All of Your Lights and Home Automation Devices From the Convenience of a Single Handheld Remote

Heath/Zenith WC-6002-BK Lighting Control Handheld Remote Control Transmitter - Black



  • Use with all Heath/Zenith RF Tech Communications products
  • Control devices individually or in groups
  • Brightening/dimming of up to 5 levels
  • FCC/IC tested and approved
  • Panic button flashes all the lights when pressed to alert neighbors of an emergency
  • Decals included to label control buttons



Now your lighting controls will always be at the tips of your fingers. This remote control can be used with any Heath/Zenith RF Tech Communications devices. It works wirelessly over radio frequency (RF), giving you the freedom to move around with it and even venture into other rooms of the house. Up to 16 devices can be programmed to the remote. Devices are programmed into one of two groups, with each group containing up to 8 devices. You can control the devices individually or turn the entire group on or off with a single button press. The remote’s dimming and brightening buttons also allow you to adjust your lights to one of five brightness levels. A panic button located at the bottom of the remote will instantly begin flashing the lights of your selected group to alert your neighbors of an emergency.

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Coca-Cola Cooler Gets The Party Rolling

On the Edge Marketing 904009 Large Coca-Cola Cooler with Rolling Cart Base

  • Steel construction with aluminum interior lining – built to last
  • A licensed cooler by Coca Cola with an authentic Coca Cola logo
  • Finished in the popular Coke Red color
  • Has a handy Chrome Bottle Opener on the side
  • Comes with a steel cart with heavy duty casters
  • Has a drain plug in the side of cooler

Coca Cola fans – this is it! A fabulous Coca-Cola Cooler, cart style with a solid steel base brought to you by On The Edge Marketing. No more plastic coolers. Now you can enjoy the pizzazz of a licensed Coca Cola cooler – perfect for all you Coke fans! Having your cooler at a convenient height for your guests to easily grab drinks instead of bending over to find the right drink is just great. And, with its split top, the lid can open at either end making it easier for more people to access the food or drinks. The convenient bottle opener attached to the side of the cooler makes opening drinks a snap. No need to hunt for that bottle opener that so easily gets misplaced. This large, metal cooler fits securly on its sturdy, steel base. With heavy duty casters, the base will allow you to smoothly move the cooler even when it is full and can pretty much be rolled anywhere. The base doesn’t just support your cooler at the perfectly convenient height, it also provides much needed storage space. This is definitely a fantastic Coca-Cola cooler that you and your friends will love! Read more

Prevent Fireplace Heat Loss!

Scientific studies show that homes with a fireplace cost 30% more to heat than homes without, because an unsealed fireplace is like an open window, allowing heated or cooled air from your HVAC unit to flow in and out freely. Homeowners spend millions each year caulking, replacing windows & doors, and weather stripping to make their home more energy efficient. However, one of the biggest culprits of energy loss is not so easy to see – the fireplace damper. While a metal damper may work great while it is new, it may become warped over time due to repeated heating and cooling. As the damper becomes warped it can allow warm air to leak out of the fireplace and let cold air in.

This is where the chimney balloon comes in. It is reusable, durable and blocks out the cold air. All you have to do is inflate the balloon and wedge it up near the flue. It can also save you $200 – $500 a year in heating costs. But remember, remove the balloon before you start a fire! Installing a chimney balloon in your home will deliver a number of benefits, some of which are listed below:

    • Save money on your fuel bills as less heat escapes
    • A cleaner fireplace frees up your time to do other things
    • Reduces noise entering your home
    • Stops uncomfortable cold air from coming down your chimney
    • A lasting, reusable and affordable way to keep your home comfortable

Find the perfect chimney balloon for your home!

No Longer Have Trouble Connecting Your HDMI Cables! Use an Adapter That Can Be Twisted Or Turned To Virtually Any Position

The Twister by NextGen is the perfect solution. It’s an affordable HDMI adapter that can be twisted or turned to virtually any position. The Twister’s rotator adapter features a center ball-joint design that enables a 360 degree rotation and 90 degree bend so any HDMI cable can easily be installed at almost any angle. The Twister’s high performance design provides 100% signal integrity in any position so full HDMI performance is maintained.

  • Allows HDMI connections where space is limited
  • Can be twisted or turned to virtually any position
  • Priced less than a quality HDMI cable. Priceless when you need it

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Eliminate Dangerous Bathroom Germs on Your Toothbrush

UV Toothbrush Sanitizer




The iTouchless UV Toothbrush Holder/Sanitizer eliminates unwanted and harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses that can reside on your toothbrush. Using the UV-C sterilizing lamp, up to 99.9 of of these germs are eradicated from your toothbrush in approximately 7 minutes. The UV Toothbrush Sanitizer will hold up to four toothbrushes at a time, so it’s great for whole family.


Hands-On Research
I made my 6-year-old son a part of the product testing. He puts the brush heads into the sanitizer first thing in the morning and before brushing his teeth at night and pushes the button. Six minutes later, the brushes are ready to use!

I was skeptical about how I would tell that this product was working. I could see the UV light, but a pretty blue light does not mean dead germs. And if I don’t see the results, I don’t believe it!

The first thing I noticed was that my toothbrush had no “taste” when I put it in my mouth to brush: no taste of toothpaste, nor of mouth odor. Over the next week, I noticed something else. My teeth felt noticeably cleaner and smoother! From this experiment, our conclusion is that a cleaner toothbrush leads to cleaner teeth.


What Is UV-C Light?
The UV Toothbrush Sanitizer’s UV-C lamp, also known as germicidal UV, emits sufficient doses to eliminate dangerous micro-organisms. Germicidal UV has been used in hospitals, clinics and laboratories for more than 60 years. Used for air, surface and water disinfection, germicidal ultraviolet – UV of 253.7 nanometers wavelength (Shortwave UV) kills germs, such as bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and spores, that transmit infections, cause allergies, trigger asthma attacks or cause other unhealthy effects.

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Be Productive, but Safe While on the Road

SUPERTOOTH BUDDY Hands-free Bluetooth Speakerphone Accessory Kit for CarsThe SUPERTOOTH BUDDY Hands-free Bluetooth Speakerphone Accessory Kit is the ideal cell phone accessory for those that communicate with family, friends and colleagues while on the road. BUDDY uses Bluetooth 2.1 technology and requires no installation – just clip it on your sun visor – and enjoy the freedom of talking on your cell phone safely while driving. It automatically pairs with your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, in fact, it’s a one-touch operation, and can even be paired with a secondary cell phone as well simultaneously. When returning to your vehicle, BUDDY will automatically re-connect to your cell phone. Over-sized printing and large buttons make this device extremely user friendly. The built-in microphone is good, boasted by anti-echo technology, and sound quality through the device is superb. With 20 hours of talk time and 40 days of stand-by time you can count on Buddy for important calls. Other features include: volume control, call waiting and last call redial, voice recognition dialing (with supporting mobile phones). You can drive safe and un-distracted with your new Buddy!

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