Make Sure You’re Not the Only one Keeping Warm, Don’t Forget about Your Furry Friend Too!

  • Provide a Comfortable Spot of Warmth for your Pets Indoors or Outdoors

Petmate 27631 Heated Outdoor Pet Pad, 19If you want to give your pet a place to keep warm at night and/or during the cold months of the year, use the Petmate Heated Outdoor Pet Pad. It offers a steady stream of heat in a square shaped pad that your pets will snuggle up to. The low voltage pad simply plugs in and features a chew resistant power cord safe for your pets and can be used indoors and outdoors.

  • Keep Your Pet Pampered With a Plush Heated Bed

Thermo Pet Bed

Upscale look of an attractive poly-fiber-filled washable bed with the benefit of body temperature heat. Recommended for year-round indoor use. Dual thermostats keep this soft bed at a comfy 102°. Heater removes for easy washing.


  • Plan on traveling with your furry friend? This heated blanket is is the perfect warm spot for pets at home or on the road!

Thermo Pet ThrowTaking your pet on the road with you can be fun, but how do you provide the comforts of home in your car? Try this ultra-soft travel blanket to snuggle your pet into. Use unplugged to lie on in summer, and plugged in to warm your pet in winter. Minimizes the homesickness in traveling for your pet and keeps wind and drafts away.

  • Save money by buying a bed that will give your pet ultimate comfort not just in the winter but all year long!

Warming/Cooling All Season Pet BedWarm in the winter, cool in the summer; finally, an affordable pet bed that both heats and cools. This unique, interchangeable comfort system is the first of its kind. Simply use the award winning Cool Bed III insert for summer cooling and the safe, UL listed plush heated pillow insert for winter warmth. It can’t get much easier, and certainly can’t get any more comfortable.

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Traveling on the Road this Thanksgiving? Don’t Get Stranded with a Flat Tire

32:1 Geared Lug Wrench

  • Remove even air-tool tightened lug nuts easily
  • Unique design increases leverage
  • More stable than standard ratchets
  • Great as a replacement for a lost or damaged factory wrench

Changing tires has just gotten easier — even for the most mechanically challenged person! Unlike ratchets, which can slip off lug nuts and round the edges, this Geared Lug Wrench “holds” two lug nuts at once, securing it more firmly and providing increased leverage.

The gearing of the Lug Wrench enables the average motorist to loosen lug nuts easily, even if your mechanic tightened them with an air-powered impact wrench! This Lug Wrench is small enough to fit in any vehicle, so you can change the flat tire yourself without the added hassle and expense of a tow truck!

Don’t be that person!

The Geared Lug Wrench comes with 17, 19, and 21mm sockets, which also fit 11/16″, ¾”, and 13/16″ lug nuts (uses standard ½”-drive sockets). Just slip the Lug Wrench with the correct socket over a lug nut, and place the leverage socket on another lug nut on the same wheel. Turn the crank on the wrench clockwise, and the lug nuts will loosen easily! The 32:1 gearing means that it only takes 2.6 ft./lbs. of pressure to loosen a lug nut torqued at 85 ft./lbs! Replace the wheel, and reverse the action of the wrench to securely tighten the lug bolts.

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Wirelessly Pull Music From or Send Music To Multiple Devices for a Whole-Home Listening Experience

While it looks like a simple speaker system, this HomeShare Speaker Dock many features make it an essential addition to your audio system, giving you multiple options for accessing and listening to your music. Plug in an iPod or iPhone or use the 3.5mm auxiliary input to connect devices directly to the speaker dock. Or wirelessly obtain music from other sources. Use your home’s existing Wi-Fi network to stream music from websites such as Slacker and vTuner. Or access playlists from your personal music library located on your computer or other DLNA-enabled device.

Enhance your listening experience by spreading the sound throughout your home. Music can be sent wirelessly to other HomeShare-compatible speakers to fill every room within your house with the same tracks. Control the speaker dock with the included remote control. The remote control requires the use of two AA batteries, included. Or download the free Network Audio Remote app to turn your smartphone into an easy-to-use remote. You will be able to create ambience in as many rooms as you choose from one location within your home, leaving you with more time to appreciate the sounds of your audio and home theater systems. Read more

Keep Your Extension Cord Tangle Free and Ready to Go

Woods 22849 Cord Reel with Metal Stand

  • Holds up to 150 feet of extension cord
  • Free spinning wheel makes it easy to use
  • Can accomodate 16/3 extension cord as well as 14 and 12 gauge cords
  • Durable metal stand stays put while you are pulling out more cord
  • Easy snap-together design lets you start working right away

This Woods 22849 Cord Reel is perfect for storage of the cords that you use most often. The built-in handle makes the reel portable and the heavy-duty metal frame provides a sturdy base when the cord is in use. Holds up to 150 feet of 16/3 extension cord.

The free spinning wheel makes it ideal when a lot of cord is needed and also makes for easy clean up when the job is done. Never mess with tangled electric cords again, with the Woods cord reel your power cord will always be ready to go when you are.

  • Rugged construction
  • Metal frame creates a sturdy base
  • Rounded handle makes carrying comfortable

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Conduct Proper Fall Maintenance Before the Change of the Season

During the Fall season we see leaves changing into beautiful colors, and we automatically start thinking of the upcoming Holidays. But we tend to forget that our home needs to be given some attention during this change of weather. With the first day of Winter a little over a month away, make sure you conduct the proper Fall maintenance necessary to keep your home intact. Check out the following 10 tips to creating a safer home provided by The Weather Channel.

1. Check your heating system including filters, pilot lights and burners. Have the system serviced by a qualified professional. Cleaning and servicing now can save you money later. Learn steps to boost your furnace’s efficiency and how to replace your furnace filter.

2. Clean and vacuum dust from vents, baseboard heaters and cold-air returns. Dust build-up in ducts is a major cause of indoor pollutants and can increase incidences of cold-weather illnesses. Consider hiring a pro to clean hard-to-reach ductwork.

FilterStream V2400 12-Volt DirtTamer Supreme Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Whether Your Mess is Dry or Wet, This Handheld Vacuum Does the Trick
Vapamore MR-50 Portable Steam Vac
Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum and Steam Cleaner
Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner
Perfect for hard to reach areas!



3. Paint interior rooms while it’s still warm enough to leave windows open. Ditto for shampooing or replacing carpets. Give a fresh start to your interiors just in time for fall and winter parties and family gatherings. Learn painting steps to success — how to choose the right paint, how to solve paint problems and more.

4. Caulk exterior joints around windows and doors. Caulking helps keep your house weather-tight and lowers heating and cooling bills. It can also help keep insects and other “critters” out of your house. When you caulk before painting, it eliminates edges where the paint may start to peel.

5. Protect your home from uninvited critters. As urban limits expand, more and more homeowners have to contend with wildlife in their yards and houses. Installing grates, securing trash containers, even humane traps may help.

Advantek 20035 Multi-Catch Rodent Trap
Humanely remove large rodents from your property
Yardcontro Electronic Yard Fence
Electronic yard fence keeps pests away!
Advantek 20032 Collapsible Live Animal Trap
Trap that Folds down for easy storage



6.Start to put away tools and equipment left outdoors during the summer such as play equipment, lawn mowers, barbeques, gardening tools and hoses. It may be time to winterize your pool, too.

Racor, Inc GPR-9R Garage Pro 9 Piece Storage System
9 piece storage system
On the Edge Marketing 790047 Ceiling Mount Double Wide Shelf System
Get 7 Feet of Shelf Space!
Snap2It SMH-2B Multi-Use Hook
Multiple items in one convenient location



7.It’s time to think about the condition of your roof. Be proactive and prevent emergency — and expensive –repairs. Find out about common trouble spots and how to locate a leak from inside.

8. Next to checking your roof, insulating your home is one of the most important tasks to accomplish before the onslaught of winter. Insulation goes beyond simple weatherstripping and caulking (see #4) and may be a job for professionals. The money and energy you’ll save will make the job worth it.

9. You insulate and weatherstrip and think that you have your home all sealed up for winter. But there are some inconspicuous spots through which heat can escape. Learn how to seal these gaps too.

10. Inspect and clean your storm windows to get them ready for installation. Storm windows can help you save energy during the cold months and are significantly less expensive than putting in new double- or triple-glazed windows.

Repel Birds with Pulsing Strobe Explosions of Light

Bird-X BSL Bird Strobe Light

  • Gives off intimidating, intense white, red and blue light
  • 1 million candlepower
  • 75 flashes per minute

Multi-color stroboscopic bird deterrent will repel birds with pulsing strobe explosions that give off intimidating, intense white, red and blue light at 1 million candlepower and 75 flashes per minute The flashes and frightening shadows are intolerable and disorienting to birds. Most effective in dark or dimly-lit buildings.

Coverage: up to 10,000 square feet
Pests: birds (pigeons, sparrows, starlings, swallows)
Uses:hangars, warehouses, plants, tunnels, loading docks, railroad sidings, breezeways, boat houses, underpasses, storage sheds, barns, sports arenas, convention centers, parking garages, car washes and other enclosed or semi-enclosed areas
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