Control Two Macs with Your Keyboard and Mouse on a Single Apple LED Cinema Display

The Kanex SnapX is a compact two-port switcher designed for 24 or 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Displays. It allows you to control two Macs with your keyboard, mouse and get full audio. Simply connect the two built-in mini DisplayPort cables with USB from the SnapX to your Mac computers, plug the display cable to the unit and you are set.Kanex SnapX 2-Port Switcher for Mac

Mac Switching Made Easy
With the SnapX on your desk, switching from your MacBook Air to your Mac mini is as easy as a snap! Toggle between the two by pressing the button on the top. Not to mention, no external power required.

Cable Clutter Simplified
SnapX hides all the wires neatly behind the display providing a clutter-free background on your desk. It also reduces stress on the connectors and prevents intermittent signal loss due to loose cable connections.

USB pass through for iSight camera, audio and USB ports
Use your iSight camera and get full audio from the display’s built-in speakers seamlessly with the use of USB pass through cables.

Extend Beyond
Cables are always too long and too short at the same time. Too short when you need that few inches of extra reach, and too long for when they are just lying in your way. SnapX provides just the right length of 5ft. (1.5m) of dual cables built-in to the unit, which allows continuous extension without unnecessary cables and adapters.

Clip on Design for secure switching
To meet optimum flexibility and ergonomics, SnapX clips on effortlessly by just sliding underneath your iMac or Apple LED Cinema Display stand. Stylish and smartly designed for any desktop or office application that requires secure switching and extending without compromise.

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Suffer from Unbearable, Throbbing Headaches?

  • Provide Soothing Relief for Headaches, Stiff Necks and Fatigue with Music

The first Head Massager combined with Eye Massaging and Soothing Sound Music with Air pressure massaging all around the head to relieve tension and create reflexology. This Tension-Relief Acupressure Head and Eye massager is designed with multi-direction of airbag Kneading and pressing around the head area and with acupuncture points on the top area. The important benefit is that it helps open the head meridian and enhance blood circulation, remove eye fatigue, and improve eyesight in the long term.
UniPride KH492 Tension-Relief AcuPressure Head-Eye Massager

The multi-point acupuncture on the top and rear area of head creates the benefit that through the distribution of hundreds of biomass root cones to acupuncture on the head it increases the oxygen exchange function of the brain, eliminates pain and tension on head and brings relaxation to the whole body. The built-in soothing sound music creates comfortable brain wave music to make you sleepy. The light wave music is to resonate with the brain cells, relieve stress, and promote movement of brain cells to stimulate the brain. The built-in gentle heating function is also spread out for comforting effect around the head area so as to improve blood circulation and relieve pain and tense muscles.

  • Melt away the horrible headache with a relaxing head and eye massage that includes acupressure and heat compression

Pure Therapy PT200 Head and Eye Massager with Acupressure and Heat Compression

Users will be sure to notice renewed energy and vitality upon use of this device. The Head and Eye Massager uses precisely positioned airbags which knead vital acupressure points on the head to provide relief of headaches and stiff necks. Nodes near the temple area aide in relieving the user of tension and headaches and these are designed to closely mimic the touch and feel of a real masseuse. The user also has the ability to add heat to the massage which helps stimulate blood flow and is great for soothing tension and stiffness. Four different vibration modes are also available to provide relief to eye and muscle strain. The Head and Eye Massager, itself, is adjustable in size to provide each user a perfect custom fit for their head. Also included are earphones that will provide relaxing sounds of nature as well as music to help the user achieve complete relaxation. The included sound options available are flowing waters, beach waves, an evening with crickets, drops of water, piano melody, relaxing xylophone, tranquil gardens and morning birds.

Did You Know, the moist environment of the bathroom can lead to the growth of bacteria especially around the sink

Common bathroom dwelling germs, such as e-coli, streptococcus and shigella, can pose serious health risks and are readily transferred by touch. For this reason, using an automatic touchless soap dispenser can reduce contact with germs.iTouchless Sensor Soap Dispenser 3D with Removable Soap Container

This unique stainless steel finish 500ml (16 oz.) automatic sensor soap dispenser includes a removable soap capsule that allows easy cleaning. Its vacuum pump can dispense all types of liquids such as soaps, detergents, lotions and anti-bacterial gels, and water. It also prevents clogging and dripping. There are 3 dispensing volume settings for customization.

How it works?
Place your hand 3 inches below the sensor area; the dispenser will automatically dispense the preset amount of liquid. Three preset dispensing volume can be switched using the one-button control. It is powered by 4 AA batteries that can last up to one year or 10,000 dispensing cycles.

How it benefits?
It creates a germ free and automated environment. It saves money thanks to the preset amount of dispensing. Sensor Soap Dispenser R3 is very clean, easy to use, and works every time. Read more

Steps to Maintaining Your Gutters

Gutters are great for protecting your home from moisture damage. But keeping them in good condition can be tough, it requires regular maintenance. And this is one dreadful and dangerous task. Instead of opting to hiring a company to visit your home to regularly clean out your gutters, follow these steps provided by

  1. Clean leaves, sticks, needles and seeds from gutters, scooping out debris with a garden trowel or gloved hand.
  2. Don’t try to remove the debris with a hose because that may cause downspouts to clog.
  3. Remove the pasty goo made up from the tiny granules from asphalt roofing shingles that have mixed with dirt and water.
  4. Flush out residual matter, using a garden hose.
  5. To clean downspouts, turn on the hose full blast and thread it into the drain opening.
  6. Check gutters after flushing for pools that indicate low spots. Gutters should be sloped about one vertical inch for every 15 to 20 horizontal feet so that they drain properly. Adjust gutters as necessary.

Not interested in going thru all these steps? Try out some solutions to making gutter cleaning even easier!

VertaLok VGS722 Gutter Cleaning System
Clean Your Gutters & Downspouts Without Stepping Foot On A Ladder
Gutter Cleaner Wand
Attach the Gutter Cleaner Wand to any standard garden hose, and you'll be able to clear out those debris-filled rain gutters yourself
This self-propelled unit delivers the power to lift out the debris and brushes your gutters clean

Make Sorting Recycled Goods an Easier Task

  • This bin is color coded for added ease

simplehuman CW1354 10 Gallon Flip Lid Recycler

This recycling trashcan comes with two separate inner buckets to make sorting of recycled and non-recycled goods an easy to do task. The two buckets are color coded for added ease and each one is 15L in size. The left bucket is green and marked as such on the left flip-up lid while the right bucket is blue and also marked on its flip lid. The inner buckets are made of dent-proof plastic while the exterior of the garbage can is made of fingerprint-proof stainless steel to keep the can smudge-free and shiny. As an added convenience there are two lids that can each open independently from one another depending upon with trash bin is needed.

  • Making the Separating of Recycled Goods an Easier Task

simplehuman CW1345 6 Gallon Front Load Recycler - BlackThis recycling friendly trashcan is ideal for storage of trashed aluminum, glass, paper or plastic. Next to its circular front loading lid is a dial that can be turned to indicate what type of goods are being thrown into each specific recycling bin. Though its opening is circular the front loading lid can be easily lifted up for disposal or larger items that might not fit into the circular opening; the top lid can also be removed altogether to make changing a line or emptying an easy process.

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Parking your vehicle in the garage can be a daunting task, Make sure you STOP before it’s too late!

If you have lots of clutter or a tight space, parking your car can be a challenge. With Park N Place, you take the guesswork out of parking. Just take it out of the box, snap it together, and place it wherever you want to stop your car, truck or SUV. A miniature stop sign sits atop a pole that is attached to a secure base. When you make contact with the pole, the sign will instantly move and the stop sign will begin flashing letting you know you are in the right spot. The Park N Place is unlike hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling that seems to always be in the way while you working, is easier to use than a laser guided parking system that requires mounting and running of a power cable, and is much more visible than a vehicle parking matt that can slide around if not securely fastened to the floor. You can quickly and easily pick up and move the Park N Place parking indicator wherever you like, depending on if you pull straight in, back in, or want to park a different vehicle. The Park N Place garage parking position flashing indicator light is the ideal solution for ensuring you park in the perfect spot every time. This product is powered by two AG13 (LR44) button cell batteries, included. Read more