Be Safe. Go Flameless

According to the National Candle Association, More than 15,000 residential fires are caused each year by the careless or inappropriate use of candles.

Do you love the beauty and tranquility that candles bring to a room, but are afraid of knocking them over or forgetting to blow them out? Eliminate this stress and give yourself more peace-of-mind by switching to flameless candles!  Here’s some of the benefits:

  • No wax=no mess
  • Candle doesn’t run out; just simply replace the battery
  • Cost effective: some can last up to 800 hours
  • Portable
  • Some have timers: no more remembering to blow out the flame

Here are some of our favorite flameless candles:

Flipo FLA-CAN-IVR-3/4 Pacific Accents Flamless Resin Pillar Candle with 4/8 Hour Timer, 3





Flipo FLA-CAN-IVR-3/4 Pacific Accents Flamless Resin Pillar Candle with 4/8 Hour Timer, 3″ x 4″







Battery-Operated Flicker LED Bayberry Scented Candle with Timer - Mottled Cranberry, 3x4





Battery-Operated Flicker LED Bayberry Scented Candle with Timer – Mottled Cranberry, 3×4″








Flipo FLA-OVERLAY-LI Flameless Overlay Candle - Lilac




Flipo FLA-OVERLAY-LI Flameless Overlay Candle – Lilac







There are candles of all colors and sizes to fit any home decor! To take a look at more flameless candles, click here.

Hitting the Bars Tonight? Be Safe Before You Drive

AlcoMate AL6000 Prestige Breathalyzer



The AlcoMate® AL6000 Prestige Breathalyzer is the original breath tester that introduced pre-calibrated replaceable sensor module technology to the market. Pre-calibrated replaceable sensor modules eliminate the need for traditional mail-back calibration service that is required of all other typical breathalyzers. The AlcoMate Prestige breathalyzer is the original device in our product line that showcases patent-pending pre-calibrated replaceable sensor module technology. The AlcoMate Prestige breathalyzer is DOT Approved for law-enforcement grade accuracy and US Coast Guard Approved to satisfy the requirements of all marine vessels in US waters to have a breathalyzer-on-board.

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Make Sure Your Thanksgiving Turkey is Cooked to Perfection with a Thermometer that Monitors Your Turkey and Gobbles when Ready

  • Heat resistant cable up to 450°F
  • Oven safe
  • Audible gobble alerts you when pork is ready
  • Stainless steel probe
  • Design in the shape of a turkey

Chef Pals ET491A Turkey Thermometer and Timer is a fun and helpful gadget when cooking pork. It has a 36 inch heat resistant cable up to 450°F that is oven safe and connects to the timer which is in the fun shape of a turkey. Once the turkey has finished cooking the turkey will make an audible “gobble” to alert the user their food is ready. The probe which sticks into the meat is made of food-grade, FDA approved 304 stainless steel. The Turkey Thermometer and Timer is powered by 2 LR44 batteries which are included with the product. Read more

Eliminate your cable or satellite TV service, and take advantage of free digital TV broadcasts!

PowerHD 100 Portable Digital TV Antenna
The PowerHD-100 is a truly portable digital TV antenna that enables you to receive free off air digital broadcast stations in your area. It will receive both high definition (HDTV) and standard definition (SDTV) digital programming (channels 2-69) and send it to your existing digital TV, analog TV with converter box, or USB/PC TV tuner and laptop computer. The PowerHD -100 is an ideal antenna for your home, as it can also be used with any plasma or LCD flat panel TV with an internal ATSC tuner. It allows free viewing of HDTV 1080i broadcast signals even though you do not subscribe to HD programming via cable or satellite. Hook up the PowerHD-100 to additional TVs in your house to avoid added fees for multiple cable boxes. Everything you need to receive free TV immediately is in the box. With an ultra-compact size, it can be taken anywhere and can even be hooked up to your laptop making it the perfect solution for watching TV while traveling. The PowerHD 100 can run off the supplied AC adapter, a USB port via the included USB cable, or by the included AA batteries.

Other Features

  • Unique, sleek ergonomic pop-up element design
  • Internal low noise amplifier improves reception by boosting the weakest signals

Low power design allows the PowerHD 100 to run for weeks on the same batteries under normal usage. It will also automatically determine whether an alternate power source is plugged into the mini USB connector, and will disconnect the batteries as the power source. Therefore, the batteries do not have to be removed when the unit is powered through the mini USB connector (and/or adapter). Note: Batteries are not required when using USB or AC adapter power. Battery power allows use in emergencies with portable TVs. Read more

Bring Warmth and Style to Your Home Without Soot or Smoke

Real Flame 7100-O Ashley Ventless Gel Fireplace, Oak
Add the warmth and style of real flame to your home without the soot, smoke and hassle of a log-burning fireplace. The Real Flame Ashley Gel Fireplace transforms your traditional fireplace to a clean, efficient gel-burning fireplace – no moving wood, no cleaning ash, just gentle heat and an attractive, real flame.

Using clean burning gel fuel, the Ashley Gel Fireplace adds understated elegance all year long with handsome pillars and arched supports, perfect for any room – contemporary or traditional. Made of solid imported wood and steel, this unit is a simple investment that never goes out of style. Easy to use, dependable and clean, the Ashley Gel Fireplace is exactly what your home needs.

This item comes in three other finishes Blackwash, Mahogany and White, or as an electric fireplace; each sold separately.

Dont forget to buy Real Flame Gel Fuel to fuel to your fireplace.

Why Real Flame?
Real Flame allows you to enjoy a warm, cozy fire in any room of your home without the hassle or expense of traditional fireplaces. No chimney or expenses gas hook-ups are required. With over 30 styles and finishes to choose from, there’s a Real Flame fireplace designed to match your décor. Choose from a wide variety of indoor, outdoor and accessory items.

Real Flame fireplaces are assembled in minutes with a Philips head screwdriver. Once assembled, fireplaces are portable and may be from room to room. Available in a variety of sizes, Real Flame fireplaces are ideal for any home, apartment, condo, mobile home or office. They’re perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, family room, recreation room or just about any place you want to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a real fire.

The cost to burn one can of Real Flame gel fuel is approximately $1.05 per hour. You may burn one to three cans in your indoor fireplace at a time. Although not designed as a heating source, each Real Flame can generates approximately 3,000 BTUs per hour when burning. The Ashley Ventless Gel Fireplace uses 3 cans, for a total of 9,000 BTU’s per hour. This will create a noticeable warming in a standard-size room. Read more