Make Your Dog Stop Barking and Repell Cats With the Same Device

Viatek BC45 Bark Stop Dog Master with Laser
Handheld Dog Master Bark Stop and Cat Repeller uses the latest ultrasonic and sonic bark stop technology, this dog repeller bark stop produces a discomforting but not harmful, high frequency sound, audible to dogs. Point the Laser beam and pull the trigger to blast bark stopping sound up to 50 feet away helping stop the approach of unwanted dogs with the high pitched sound and pin point laser beam. Two settings: DOG or CAT. A wonderful tool for training dogs from barking and unwanted behavior or great for repelling animals and cats. Train your dog to stop barking anywhere at anytime! Great for mailmen and joggers!

Stop Nuisance Barking Guaranteed!
Bark Stop Dog Master and Cat Repeller will train your dog or cat anywhere and anytime. Our Compact device incorporates a high decibel ultrasonic frequency & New HIGH decibel sonic tone that helps train the dogs and cats. Uses 1-9-Volt battery (not included). Works on cats too. Push the button to help train the pet to stay off of furniture, to stop barking at the door and any other training situation. Read more

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