An Easy Way to Remote-Control Any of Your Indoor Lighting or Appliances

Sylvania SA 500 Wireless Indoor Plug-In Remote Control System, 1,000 Watts



  • Remote plug-in receiver features a grounded outlet
  • Channel selection dial allows the control of multiple receivers from one transmitter
  • Radio Frequency (RF) offers wireless communication up to 80 feet away
  • Wirelessly communicates through doors, walls, and windows
  • Eliminates wasteful stand-by power


The Sylvania Wireless RF Remote Control System is an easy-to-use lighting or appliance control package, which includes one hand-held Transmitter, and one 1,000-Watt / 8-Amp plug-in Receiver. Providing users with the convenience of wireless control, this system can be expanded to control multiple plug-in Receivers all from the same hand-held Transmitter. The hand-held Transmitter features 3-channels or On/Off pairs (Sometimes referred to as a scene or a zone).The control of additional plug-in Receivers can be set for independent or simultaneous operation using these 3-channels. Each channel can control one plug-in Receiver or multiple plug-in Receivers. With the channel selection feature you no longer have to search for an item with the same exact Radio Frequency (RF) or wireless protocol; making the pairing process from Transmitter to Receiver easier than ever, allowing you take charge of your automation.

Using the channel selector on the Receiver and Transmitter, you will match the Receiver to whichever of the 3 On/Off pairs on the Transmitter you choose; this On/Off pair (assuming it has been dialed to the same channel as the Receiver) will now wirelessly switch On or Off the lighting or appliance plugged in to the Receiver. Wireless RF signals used for communication can travel through doors, walls, and windows offering flexibility regarding the placement of the Receiver. Choose any indoor outlet or receptacle, within 80-feet from where you intend to use the Transmitter, for reliable control of the Receiver. The included Receiver can control lighting or appliance loads up to 1,000 Watts or 8 Amps. This kit will save you money by eliminating current drawn from wasteful “stand-by” power, while providing the convenience of wireless lighting and appliance control.

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