Allow your Toddler to Safely Control Lighting

The Kidswitch is a glow-in-the dark extension that will help toddlers to safely control lights. This product can be used on both toggle and decora style lighting controls (for decora style, an adapter is needed and sold separately). Use the Kidswitch with any single or multi-gang switch plate. Kidwitch allows toddlers to activate lighting by providing a handle which extends 12-inches below the switch, where they can safely reach it. A screwdriver is the only tool needed for the installation of this device. You will remove the existing switch plate screws, and replace them with the Kidswitch screw set. This is used for attaching the Kidswitch to your lighting control. To operate the light after installation, the child will simply push up, or pull down on the moon shaped handle.

Switching On and Off in-wall lighting controls, without a parents assistance, will help your child become more confident by providing a little bit of self-reliance. The kidswitch puts control in your kid’s hands, freeing parents of this repetitive task. Your toddler will no longer have to climb on unsafe objects, risking serious injury, just to turn On or Off a light. The glow-in-the-dark kidswitch is perfect for children who still have a fear of dark rooms. The illumination will allow your child to locate the lighting control while also providing a nightlight for when the child should be sleeping, in case they wake during the night. Read more

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