Control Any Room’s Climate With an “Invisible” Temperature Sensor!

Automated Enviromental Systems ATS2000A Flush-Mount Temperature Sensor
Sick of sweltering or freezing every time you walk into a new room? Let your home automation controller maintain the perfect room temperature with a temperature sensor so small that you or your guests will never know it’s there! This ultra-discreet sensor snaps into a ¾-inch hole in drywall or wood, and can be painted to match, making it the perfect choice for high-caliber installations where aesthetic value is a top concern.

The unit sends ambient temperature readings to any home control interface with analog inputs, including the Stargate, TimeCommander Plus, HomeVision and LynX-10 systems. Use it for programming highly reliable, conditional macros that always maintain the perfect temperature. For example, if the sensor detects a temperature above a pre-determined level, your controller can close the motorized drapes, turn a ceiling fan on, or, if need be, crank-up the air. If your home is equipped with electronic duct dampers and motion sensors, you can even direct the air conditioner to only cool the rooms that are occupied.

Operation is simple. Just connect a regulated power supply voltage between +5-30VDC to the screw-down terminals in the rear. Once powered, the unit produces a linearly scaled analog signal proportional to temperature. That signal can be sent across more than 1,000 feet of cable to the analog input of a compatible controller. For optimum results, use 2-conductor, shielded cable (#84801), home run between each sensor and the controller. Read more

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