INSTEON: Receive an Alert When There is Excess Rain Build-Up

I/O Linc - INSTEON Rain Sensor Kit
The rain sensor is designed for indoor or outdoor use in and around your home. The kit is great for monitoring rainfall and/or moisture levels in sensitive areas such as green houses, flower beds or lawns. Using the included mounting bracket and mounting hardware, the rain sensor can be placed anywhere where you would like to detect the accumulation of water. If you are using I/O Linc – INSTEON Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface (4-Pack) to electronically control sprinklers via your INSTEON network, this rain sensor kit can trigger the sprinklers to automatically shut-off when it rains, saving water and money. Alternatively, it can be placed near the foundation of your home to help detect detrimental standing water and flooding; as soon as the accumulation of water starts, the rain sensor will trigger I/O Linc to turn any INSTEON controlled lights or appliances on or off, alerting you of the condition. Conserve water by having your sprinklers turn off automatically when it rains or stop catastrophic and expensive water damage as soon as it starts with I/O Linc – INSTEON Rain Sensor Kit; an easy-to-use solution for adding convenience and awareness to any INSTEON-controlled home.

How It Works
The rain sensor monitors the build-up of liquid (rain, water, etc.). When 5mm or more of liquid has been detected, the sensor triggers the included I/O Linc – INSTEON Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface (1 In / 1 Out) to send an INSTEON signal. Simply link I/O Linc to a remote INSTEON device which can act as an alert for leaks. For example, you can have a KeypadLinc LED light up, have all the lights in your house flash, or activate a custom event in HouseLinc 2 – INSTEON Desktop Software to notify you of the concern. Read more

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