Home Automation Controller Allows On-Site and Remote Management of All Home Systems

Pro-100 Home Automation Controller
Control every electronic system in your home from your computer, even if you’re away from home! The PRO-100 Home Automation Controller is designed to incorporate all the power and flexibility of HomeSeer software into a very compact, rugged and easy-to-install unit. Once configured, you’ll be able to control lighting, appliances, security, HVAC and home theater components with one central interface. Powerline interfaces and patch cables are sold separately.

The PRO-100 Home Automation Controller provides a single user interface to all of your home’s subsystems. Control your lighting, heating system, security, home theater, and other systems through a single web interface, PDA, touchscreen, or even your telephone or cell phone, thanks to HomeSeer’s voice-recognition technology. The PRO-100 Home Automation Controller supports all popular automation technologies, such as INSTEON, X10, Z-Wave, UPB, and more.

In addition to direct control of your systems, you can schedule events to occur based on time (including sunrise/sunset), upon security panel triggers, I/O controller response, e-mail receipt, and RS-232 input. In response to these triggers, you can set your system to turn on lights, send e-mail, run a script, trigger another event, control a web camera, or even play sounds or speak using human voices. Announcements can also be sent to other computers in the home to alert users to incoming phone calls, motion at the front door, or news or weather events.

Configure and manage the PRO-100 Home Automation Controller system using any web browser, whether you’re on or off site. The system software is totally customizable, and plug-ins allow the software to be extended to support custom hardware. The system also includes a scripting interface that supports popular scripting languages like VBScript, JavaScript, and Perl. The user interface and custom interfaces are built or modified using simple web (HTML) technologies.

The PRO-100 Home Automation Controller is free from moving parts and has no fans, so it can be mounted inside a structured wiring cabinet or in any other location, even without ventilation. Read more

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