Cable Management System Maintains Excess Cord Length

Get your cords in check! Whether it is your mouse cable or your telephone line, the Cable Manager is a compact unit that winds up excess cable length so your workspace isn’t cluttered with stray cords. This kit includes four Cable Managers, so you’ll be able to clear up that desk area in no time at all.Cable Manager (4-Pack)

The Cable Manager is easy to use. Align the top of the cord guide by rotating the top of the Cable Manager until the base and top form a slit through the middle of the Cable Manager. Insert the cord at its approximate midpoint into the guide. Turn the top of the Cable Manager until the excess cord is inside the unit. That’s it! To unwind, just pull both ends of the cable at the same time.

The Cable Manager is designed for use with electrical cords under the following conditions: ❤ amps for 120V AC; <1.5 amps for 200V AC. The device is not recommended for use on electrical appliances such as toasters or hairdryers.

The Cable Manager is ideal for storing cords of larger widths, such as network cable. A set of four smaller Cable Managers is also available for thinner cords, like mouse or speaker cables. Read more

Customer Reviews

4.5 Stars

4 Stars GLENN — LA CRESCENTA, CA    Date: 4/24/2010
Review: There are a lot of cable winders on the market but I like this one the best. It has little ratchet-like click stops inside so it won’t unwind unless you pull on the cord.

4 Stars JOLEEN — COTTONWOOD, CA    Date: 1/15/2010
Review: I have so many cables and cords from all my electronics that I needed a way to separate them. This cable manager is convenient and easy. It is large, for the larger cords such as power cords, not meant for earphone sized cords. Its bulky, but very easy to use and totally worth the price.

4 Stars BILL — DENVER, CO    Date: 12/13/2009
Review: Exactly as advertized. Handy device for winding up long microphone or network cables – easy to wind and unwind.

One thought on “Cable Management System Maintains Excess Cord Length

  1. This is cool for keeping cords. I’m using cable tray for my other appliances and I think I’m going to have this thing. Really nice!

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