Conserve Energy by Automatically Switching a Load Based on Motion or Ambient Light Levels

Pass and Seymour WSP250LA Passive Infrared Wall Switch Sensor, Light Almond

  • Dual Voltage 120/277 VAC
  • LED Indicates detection
  • Light level sensor
  • 1,050 square feet of coverage
  • Time delay 30 Seconds to 30 Minutes
  • 180 degree coverage
  • Light sensing sensitivity adjustable from 20% to 100%
  • Save up to 60% on energy costs
  • 1 Inch deep body for easy installation

Pass & Seymour’s new line of Passive Infrared (PIR) Wall Switch Sensors create energy efficient lighting by sensing when light is or is not needed and switching the connected load accordingly. Acting as an occupancy sensor this device will sense when someone enters the room by detecting heat through the PIR sensor, then turning on the light. It, on the other hand, will switch the lights off once it has not detected motion for the programmed amount of time. The user-defined shut-off time can be programmed anywhere between 30 seconds and 30 minutes. These sensors have coverage of 1,050 square feet.

Not only does the WSP250 act as an occupancy/vacancy sensor, it also will control your lighting based on ambient light levels. The built in photo cell will read ambient light levels and will increase or decrease your lighting based on how it was programmed to react. This great feature ensures you are never using more light than you need. The result of these technologies in one device can be upward of 60% savings on energy costs. Energy management is important for everyone. Automatically save time, energy, and money with PIR wall switches. Read more

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