Provide Light in Small, Tight Spaces

Flipo SEN-RTLITE-SL Motion-Activated Stick Anywhere Light - Silver Retangular
This stick-on LED light is perfect for shedding some light into just about any situation – inside or under cabinets, in drawers, behind electronic equipment, in closets, along hallways, beside fuse boxes, and more. With this anywhere light, you’ll never have to stumble through darkness or fish for a flashlight. Once its built-in motion sensor detects your presence, it will turn on four bright LEDs. When motion is no longer detected, the light automatically turns off. The LEDs only turn on when the area is dark so you can be sure battery life isn’t being wasted when the area is already lit up by another source. It draws power from three AAA batteries (sold separately) so you won’t need to mess with complicated electrical wiring. Installation requires two very simple steps – peel the backing off the unit to expose the adhesive and stick it onto the desired location. Read more

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