Safely Get Rid of Skunks from Your Property, Stink Free!

Advantek 20000 Catch and Release Electronic Skunk Trap



  • Easy-open release door and electronic infrared sensor creates more dependability than traditional mechanical devices
  • Dark enclosure is designed to helps keep captured animal calm and manageable
  • Smooth interior won’t cause harm to the animal during transport
  • Constructed from durable polyethylene that will stand up to scratching and clawing


Between the potential for rabies and the foul odor from sprays, skunks are one of the least desired forms of wildlife you’d want on your property. Skunks can take up residence under porches, crawl spaces, or even attics, creating property damage, producing smells, and even spraying your pets. With this electronic trap, you’ll not only rid your home of the unwanted animal but do so humanely so you can maintain a clean conscience.

The trap uses an infrared sensor to trigger the gate door release and keep the unwanted critter from escaping. Once the skunk has been trapped inside, the trap’s compact design greatly restricts movement. Because the skunk won’t have much room, it can’t raise its tail and hind quarters so you can’t get sprayed. The smooth interior of the trap remains dark to keep the skunk calm while you transport it to another location. When you are ready to release your captive, simply rotate the release level and to let the skunk out into its new home. Rugged, polyethylene construction remains durable throughout various outdoor conditions. This electronic trap can single-handedly keep your home skunk-free for years and years to come. While designed specifically for skunks, this trap can also be used for rodents, possums, feral cats, and other wildlife. The trap requires the use of four AA batteries, sold separately.

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