Keep Your Personal Belongings Safe in a Sleek All-Steel, Biometric Safe with a Built-In Fingerprint Scanner

LockState LS-SC1000 SafeCase Biometric Safe

The SafeCase provides you with a sleek, safe and convenient storage option for handguns, jewelry, coins, stamps and personal documents. With a built-in optical fingerprint scanner, the SafeCase keeps your valuables secure until you are ready to access them. This biometric fingerprint reader uses the latest technology to recognize hard-to-read fingerprints and scan through dirt and oil. Store up to 30 sets of fingerprints to allow multiple users access to the safe’s contents. SafeCase can also be opened with an included override key.

An all-steel construction creates a nearly impenetrable barrier for your valuables, while the compact size allows you to store items in tight spaces. SafeCase is so compact; you can even take it with you when you travel. Or, use the included security cable to anchor SafeCase to a permanent object and render the unit immobile. SafeCase is powered by four AA batteries to last about 1,000 openings. Read more

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