Know Who’s at Your Door Before You Get to It! The Perfect Way to Avoid Pesky Door-to-Door Salesmen

Velleman CAMSET16U B&W Video Security Door Phone




  • Camera with IR LED’s
  • Connect up to 4 indoor monitors
  • 2-way audio
  • Optional door strike control



Veleman’s Black & White Security Video Door Phone is a great way to view and speak with visitors at your home without making yourself vulnerable by opening the door. Two-Way indoor to outdoor communication, like viewing and speaking with guests along with access control, allowing guests to enter and exit, are the main functions performed by the CAMSET16U. The CAMSET16U uses a 4-wire telephone cable to connect the indoor unit with the outdoor unit. This door phone features two-way audio to allow communication with your visitor. When the doorbell is pressed the video phone will notify you with a chime then display the image provided by the camera. The outdoor station houses the camera which features IR (Infrared) LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) providing a picture in complete darkness. Images are displayed for 30 seconds unless the receiver is picked up. After picking up the receiver, the image will display for two minutes. Images can be viewed at anytime by pressing the monitor button. If some sort of access control, like a door strike or magnetic lock, has been incorporated, you can unlock or release the strike with the push of a button from the indoor intercom location. Up to four indoor intercoms can be added to this system to expand your monitoring ability throughout the home.

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