Wireless Transceiver for the Intermatic MultiWave Digital Control System

Intermatic PE953 MultiWave Wireless Hand-Held Transceiver



  • Fully submersible and shock resistant
  • Z-Wave certified – use with any Z-Wave devices, even those from another manufacturer
  • Backlit LCD display makes for easier programming, day or night
  • Includes 3 AA batteries and self-stick labels for naming the function buttons



The PE953 gives you wireless control over your pool/spa and home automation systems. When paired with the PE653, this transceiver lets you control up to five loads with the On/Off function buttons. It transmits commands to linked devices and also collects data from connected equipment. Stickers are included so you can keep the buttons labeled and their functionality easily identified. Once programmed, the PE953 also assigns unique network ID codes to prevent interference and accidental interference from neighboring systems.

The backlit LCD display is simple to program and clearly indicates the status of the connected devices. Its compact size makes it easily portable so it can be carried between rooms or from one end of the backyard to the other. Should the transceiver fall from your hand or a table, it is shock resistant to endure a few bumps and drops. It is also waterproof and designed to float, should the transceiver accidentally end up in the pool or spa. The transceiver requires the use of three AA batteries, included.

In addition to Intermatic MultiWave devices, the PE953 can also be used with any Z-Wave compatible device, even those from other manufacturers. Each Z-Wave device works as a repeater, resending commands throughout your network until it reaches the desired device so you can be sure commands are always carried out.

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