Digital Atomic Clock Displays Indoor and Outdoor Temperature and Forecast

Get the time and temperature at a glance from this maintenance-free wall clock that automatically sets itself against the most accurate clock in the world.

The Atomic Wall Clock With Forecast/Temperature Display has a built-in thermometer to display the indoor temperature, and it comes with a wireless remote sensor to access the outdoor temperature, as well. The clock is powered by two AA batteries, as is the remote wireless sensor. Batteries are sold separately.Atomic Wall Clock w/Forecast/Temp Disp

Mount the Atomic Wall Clock With Forecast/Temperature Display on the wall or stand it on a desk. Mounting materials are sold separately. Use the included screws or adhesive tape to mount the outdoor transmitter, which sends its 915 MHz signals to the clock. Just install the batteries, select a time zone with a press of a button, and the clock will display the accurate time automatically when it receives the nightly radio signals regulated by the U.S. Atomic Clock in Colorado. The clock even self-adjusts for Daylight Saving Time, although this feature can be disabled if you live in an area that doesn’t change clock settings twice a year.

The Atomic Clock will also provide a glimpse into the future: You can see at a glance if the forecast over the next 12 to 24 hours is for sun, sun with clouds, or rain. Weather icons change when the unit detects a change in the air pressure.

With its perpetual calendar, you’ll see the date and weekday as well. You can even select from four languages for your weekday. Set the alarm for your morning waking hour or for important events. You can hit the snooze button as often as you like. Read more

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