Inconspicuous Bookshelf Camera Helps You Monitor Your Home or Business

KJB Security C1257 SleuthGear Digital Wireless Book Covert Camera with USB Receiver

  • Camera hides inconspicuously on your bookshelf
  • Wirelessly transmits to USB receiver using encrypted signals
  • Monitor video on your computer or over the Internet

Recording covert video has never been so easy or foolproof! If you want to keep an eye on the babysitter or make sure the kids are behaving while you’re not around, KJB Security’s C1257 is the answer. This inconspicuous device appears to be just a standard dictionary, but its spine actually conceals a 1/4″ micron sensor camera that wirelessly transmits crystal-clear 320×240 pixel video to a USB receiver and allows you to monitor video on your computer or over the Internet. Wireless transmissions are encrypted, preventing your signals from being intercepted.

Please Note: The receiver is not currently supported by Windows 7 or 64-bit systems. It will only receive signal from ONE digital covert product at a time. Operation of multiple digital covert cameras requires separate receivers for each unit. Read more

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