Solar Powered Motion-Sensing Light Adds Security Without Wasting Energy

Sunforce Products 86318 Solar Security Light with Remote

Security Lighting can be easily added to your home and does not have to involve expensive installations and a hefty increase in your electric bill. With the Sunforce Products 86318 Solar Security Light with Remote you can help keep your home and family safe using the sun’s free solar energy. This solar powered light is automatically activated when its attached sensor detects motion nearby. It has a hassle free installation process that requires no wiring. Easily mount the security light with its included mounting brackets or use the included ground stake to set the light up in your yard or garden. Both the solar panel and 2 independent LED lights are capable of rotating 360° to ensure that light is provided where needed and that the solar panel can receive optimum sunlight. The Solar Security Light is also able to be controlled via its included IR remote control. This remote control has a working distance of up to 20 feet allowing you to have total control over all of the security lights abilities. The Solar Security Light with Remote is water and weather resistant. Each light contains 5 white LEDs making 10 total LEDs when both are fully lit. Using the remote you have the option of adjusting the light output of each to use only 3 of its 5 LEDs.

Hands-On Research
I sampled the product for a week with no issues. It took about a day’s worth of sunlight to charge the battery up before it was able to function at night. Plastic frame makes it light and easy to move around or mount but at the same time makes me curious as to durability 6 months down the line. However, Sunforce helps alleviate the durability questions by providing a one (1) year warranty on the product. The lights worked great each night tested so I know the solar panel was doing its job successfully. The remote was a fun added feature to the security light and helps make adjustments easy when mounted. I wouldn’t recommend this light for a heavy duty application but for added security on a side yard, front yard or porch I think this light would work great.
Jason T – Smarthome employee

      • Solar powered
      • Solar panel can rotate 360°
      • 2 adjustable 360° rotating spotlights
      • Remote for hands free operation
      • Mount on a wall or put it in your yard with ground stake

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