Never Let Your Cell Phone or Handheld Devices Run Out of Battery Again

Kiwi Choice KWS2 U-Powered Solar Charger - White

If you have ever found yourself stuck with a dead cell phone or mobile device and no way to charge it then the Kiwi Choice KWS2 U-Powered Solar Charger – White is the product for you. This mobile device charger is the perfect companion for anyone with a cell phone because it allows you to have a back-up source of power to keep your phone or mobile device up and running. The U-Powered contains 3 solar panels that let you take advantage of using clean solar energy to power your handheld devices keeping you connected but doing so in an environmentally “green” way. For added convenience Kiwi Choice has placed a magnet on the back of the U-Powered so that you can stick the product to anything metal and let it charge hands-free. However, in the event you aren’t able to charge the U-Powered via its solar panels it does offer several other methods of charging such as USB port, wall or car charger. This charger simply offers you peace of mind in ensuring you’re never stuck with a dead phone again whether you’re on the road, on vacation or simply out and about. Once charged the U-Powered will hold on to its power for at least 6 months. Fully charge it up once and then keep it in your purse, glove box or desk at work and rest assured you’ll always have a back-up power source. An added feature of this device is that it comes with an LED flashlight built in to the end of the charger.

This product is also available in black.

  • Solar powered handheld electronic charger
  • Can hold its charge for 6 months
  • Charges via the sun, USB port, car charger or wall charger
  • Compatible with all your mobile devices
  • Magnetic backing so product can be stuck to anything metal to charge in sun

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