Enjoy a Healthy Lawn & Control Water Use–A Definite Customer Favorite!

MARGARET — san jose, CA   9/30/2010

Oh my gosh! Great product! The only thing we changed was we hack sawed the remote holder off of the timer so we could mount the remote in another place. We got it for the annoying dogs that like to come do there business on my lawn. I see them coming across the street and hit the on button on the remote inside the house to turn on the sprinklers and send them running! It also helped when we changed the sprinkler heads as to not having to go to the timer when we needed to turn them on!

6-Station Sprinkler Timer With Remote
* Simple to Set Up
The 6-Station Sprinkler Timer has seven push-button keys for set-up and program entry. But the heart of the timer is the rotary dial, which makes it easy to see which function is currently selected and/or in which mode the timer is set to operate.

*Easy-Chair Programmable
Although the unit is AC-powered, the integrated battery compartment allows you to insert two AA batteries (sold separately) so that you may program the timer prior to installing it in its permanent location.

*Easy-to-Read Digital Display
The large LCD shows the time of day and indicates many of the programming settings. The display is completely interactive with all other controls.

*Non-Volatile Program Memory
If the 6-Station Sprinkler Timer loses AC power, the timer programming will not be lost. After AC power returns, the timer will recall the last program into memory and there is no need to re-program. If the power is lost and the back-up batteries are dead or missing, you’ll only have to reset the time and date. All other programming settings will remain.

*Remote Control
The 6-Station Sprinkler Timer comes with a convenient remote control that works from up to 200-ft. (60m) away. For example, you may initiate a manual watering cycle of 2, 10, 30 or 60 minutes for all or any individual station — without interrupting the timer programming. The remote also helps with testing during installation or maintenance. Remote requires a 9V battery (sold separately). Read more

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