Want to Watch Cable in Another Room but Don’t Want to Pay Extra Each Month?

Well now you don’t have to pay your cable or satellite TV provider an additional monthly fee just so you can watch TV in another room! Takes only 5 minutes to set up. Just attach the Video Sender Pro to your cable box, TiVo, Roku, or any other device and the receiver to your TV in any other room, and you’re ready to enjoy watching television or listening to your audio system. No wires to string through the attic or basement. New technology means no interference with your WiFi network. The Remote Sensor allows you to use an IR remote from the other room to control the main TV.X10 PRO VK83A Video Sender Pro

  • Wireless – Send video up to 100 feet away through doors, floors, and walls
  • Advanced Signal Protection
  • Works with cable, Roku, DVDs, DVR, stereo, TiVo and more
  • No contractors, no wiring, drilling, extra cable boxes or additional fees
  • Set it up by yourself in less than 5 minutes
  • Built-in Remote Sender lets you control it all by remote from anywhere in the house – send cable from your living room to your bedroom and change channels from bed

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