Enable Your Computer to Learn IR Codes

IR Learner

  • Control any device that accepts IR control signals
  • GC-IRL Learner Utility CD included
  • No external power supply needed

Global Caché’s GC-IRL IR Learner is a must-have tool for dealers, installers, and home automation enthusiasts. The compact IR Learner is used with a PC to learn the full spectrum, 30KHz to 500KHz, of IR codes that control infrared-driven equipment. By using the included GC-IRL Utility, the learned code is displayed, converted into other formats, and automatically copied into your Windows clipboard, which can then be pasted into any Windows application to facilitate quick database and/or spreadsheet creation and updating. The stored codes can be used to control and automate any device that accepts infrared control signals, from any networked computer, and over the Internet. The IR Learner power is supplied by the RTS line of the serial port and requires no external power supply.Read more.


Customer Reviews

4.5 Stars

5 Stars KEVIN — MIDDLETOWN, OH    Date: 5/21/2011
Review: Works well. Loaded 7 remotes without a problem

4 StarsKIRK — REDMOND, WA    Date: 3/9/2011
Review: Came in DOA. Sent it in to GlobalCache and they replaced it. The replacement works well. Indispensible for learning codes.

4 Stars ROB — TAIPEI, XX    Date: 6/2/2010
Review: Hardware is very good, but software is very basic and e.g. cannot handle multiple code remotes directly. Buying the required 5 wire serial cable is a real challenge as most 9 pin serial cables in the market are 3 wire and don’t work. I ended up using a USB to serial converter.

EVEN — OSLO, XX    Date: 4/10/2010
Review: It was a neat little learner, but it didnt understand all my ir codes. And there was some connecionproblems too. It sure is a “nice to have” product when you are at customers, and just want to learn a quick ir-code…. but its not as reliable as I hoped. I had to edit ALL the ircodes, because it adds an extra id number to each ir code when you learn them. And that is very anoying when you want to leardn IR codes with hundreds of buttons… Ill give it 3 stars. 2 of the stars is because of the size. The rest wasn’t very much to brag about.

5 Stars JAYME — SAMMAMISH, WA    Date: 2/17/2010
Review: This is a great IR learner product. It comes with software from Global Cache that makes it very easy to learn IR codes and can give you the codes in CCF format. For those folks programming universal remotes, this is a must have. Also note that some remotes will transmit the IR command twice for each button press (apparently for reliability reasons), but the global cache learner will only learn the “single” IR command. You’ll have to program your universal remote to send the command twice. Found this out when trying to program a Mitsubishi DLP TV and Denon AVR. Great product!

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