Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker Doubles as a Security Monitoring Device

Krown Manufacturing KA1000 Dual Alarm Clock with Wireless Alarm Monitoring Receiver
The KA1000 Dual Alarm Clock – the best design in alarm and monitoring systems but easy and simple to set up and use. The alarm clock will trigger either the bed shaker, table lamp, or sound to absolutely wake you up every morning. You could select a combination of sound and light or shaker and light to fit your lifestyle.

It is created with other features as well to help protect life and organize your house better. The telephone ringer, door knock, doorbell, baby room call, alarm monitor, weather alert, security timer, etc are few to list. Even if you do not have a telephone in your bedroom you will not miss any phone calls. The KA1000 has a built-in telephone ringer for your convenience. It also alerts you when some one knocks on your door or when a baby room signaler is activated. It will make life easier for you and show the cause on the display of the clock, to ensure there is no confusion.

The KA1000 also works with all transmitters from the alarm monitor system made by Krown Manufacturing. You can link all alarm sensors, Fire, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide detectors in your house to be one wireless monitoring system in your bedroom clock. It will give you what causes the alarm, and help you make a decision of what to do before you leave your bed. It is the best choice to make because it was designed with you, the person who will use it, in mind.

  • Audible Clock Buzzer Amplified up to 95 dB (adjustable)
  • Bed Shaker for KA1000 Base Unit
  • Wireless Door Knock or Door Bell Transmitter with Metal Clip

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