First Day of Summer!

It is officially the start of summer, and you know what that brings…great summer heat, bbq’s, trips to the beach, and we can’t forget those great vacations! Regardless of what your summer plans are, you can’t forget the necessities to ensure you stay summer healthy! Sunblock and water, to keep your skin and body hydrated! We have a few products to help you remain cool although its hot out!

    • A Personal Misting bottle will give you the convenience of a cool mist wherever you may be!

      Orbit 20025 Arizona Mist Personal Misting Bottle, 8 Ounces
      Item# 31065
    • Don’t dread sitting out in your patio, install an outdoor mist cooling system for an easy and inexpensive way to fight back oppressive heat outdoors!
DIG Irrigation BC380 Evaporative Mist Cooling System, 3/8
Item# 31341
  • Although the summer brings much enjoyment of being able to leave your doors open and enjoy the warm air, those annoying bugs tend to make it less enjoyable! Install a bug off screen door without permanent installation!
Bug Off Instant Screen Door with Magnetic Closure for a Single or Sliding Door, 36
Item# 6260
Bite Shield Portable Mosquito Repellent
Item# 61491
  • Don’t spend summer nights tossing and turning, flipping your pillow to find a cool spot! Keep cool with the chillow without cranking up the AC!
The Chillow
Item# 3203P

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