LED Lights Keep Your Dog Visible and Safe on Night Walks

Lava Electronics LC-9 G L QPets LED Safety Dog Collar for Large Dogs, Green
Item# 69138GN
  • Illuminated collar lets you see where your dog is at all times
  • 4 Modes: Always On, Quick Flashing, Slow Flashing and Off
  • Visible from up to 300 feet away
  • Adjustable from 18 to 24 inches long for a perfect fit for your dog

You’ll always be able to see your dog when they are wearing this collar with built-in LED lights. You won’t have to remember to grab a flashlight when you take them out for a walk after sunset. The glowing collar will make it easy to see your pup as they tromp through bushes or run across lawns, even in the darkest areas of your neighborhood. And with the light emanating from around their neck, you’ll be able to see what they’ve gotten into and picked up in their mouths when you weren’t looking. Choose between four light modes to best fit your preference: always on, quick flash, slow flash, and always off. Made from robust nylon webbing, this durable collar is sure to last. And with felt lining the inside of the collar, your dog won’t mind wearing it. The collar requires the use of one CR2032 lithium coin cell battery, included. This product is also available in pink and yellow, each sold separately. Additional sizes include small and medium. Read more

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