Wall-Plate Inserts Glow All Night Long Without Electricity

You don’t need to hire an electrician to install complicated lighted toggle switches in order to see the light switch in a dark room. Never fumble in the dark for a light switch again, thanks to the Find A Light. Each of these three wall-plate inserts glows all night long without electricity or batteries.
Find A Light, 3 Pack

Simply use your light switch’s existing screws to fasten a Find A Light to your wall plate. The device charges using daylight or artificial light and requires no electricity or batteries to function. The advanced technology of this material provides a bright glow that lasts all night long. You can expect each Find A Light to last over 20 years.

Note: The amount of light output is proportional to the amount of light this device gets before its dark (or the light is turned off). Also keep in mind that if you are going from a bright room into a darkened room, your eyes may need to adjust a moment before seeing the glow.

  • Glow-in-the-dark accents attach to existing light switch plate
  • Find A Lights charge by day and glow all night long
  • Saves energy – no electricity needed

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