Premier Green Power Surge Protector Perfect for Energy Conservation

Ethereal Home Theater EGP10 Ten Outlet Power Saver and Surge Protector

  • 10 outlets with 3 always on outlets with LED indicators built-in the unit
  • 90 Degree rotating cord with strain relief design
  • X3 MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) Technology
  • DSS and Coaxial provides surge protection from cable DSS and modem installations
  • Current display LED shows the level of current consumption

The Ethereal Green Power EGP10 Surge Protector is designed specifically for energy conservation. This product contains an automatic detecting device which determines whether to turn on or turn off the power according to the electricity usage condition. This feature conserves unnecessary electricity consumption. The EGP10 surge protector is also equipped with “Always On” outlets which provides constant power to particular devices. In addition, this surge protector can be started with any remote control, this avoids the inconveniences caused by having too many controllers.

Because 21st century audio/video, home networking and telephone equipment requires a higher quality of electrical power than the typical 19th century-designed power grid can deliver, Ethereal’s Power Protection line provides state-of-the-art power conditioning and surge/lightning defense that optimizes the performance and life of connected home theater components, networking devices and land line phones. Advanced EMI/RFI filtration circuitry delivers clean, noise-free AC power for unsurpassed sound and vision that achieve the manufacturer’s intended level of performance.

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