Manage and Control Your Home From Any Web-Enabled Device

JDS Technologies HRRBI HomeRunner RBI Home Automation Controller

  • Graphical user interface (GUI) is completely customizable – create your own scenes and buttons
  • Easy to set up scenes and scheduled events
  • Controls INSTEON and X10 devices
  • All signals carried over your existing wiring – no additional wiring necessary
  • Settings and database information is stored in non-volatile memory and can only be retrieved remotely by an authorized user

HomeRunner RBI puts the complete power to control your home automation system right into your hands, even when you are halfway around the world. This Remote Browser Interface system runs on its own processor and allows you to access your home automation system through the Internet. You’ll be able to control your devices from just about any device with Internet capabilities. You can also easily set your INSTEON or X10 devices as controllers via the software.

The Windows-based application utilizes one of your network router ports and your home’s existing powerline so you won’t have to hassle with complicated installation or additional wiring. HomeRunner RBI supports a variety of INSTEON and X10 devices. It also includes a “Stargate Link” for interfacing with legacy Stargate-IP or CommStar-IP controllers and all connected devices via the Web Xpander.

With HomeRunner RBI, you’ll be able to personalize your interface. Build screens and buttons using the preset button images. Or transform any picture into an interactive control surface. Then, program items in the background of the picture to be your control buttons.

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