Flexible, Reliable Passive Infrared Detector for Your Home’s Exterior

Optex FTN-AM Compact Outdoor Dual PIR Detector

Optex FTN-AM Compact Outdoor Dual PIR Detector

The ‘fit’ FTN-AM is an excellent solution for outdoor areas where environmental disturbances and small animals create troublesome false alarms. The FTN-AM comes with a built in bracket that enables horizontal rotation of 190°, and its compact size and flexible detection area allow the sensor to ‘fit’ into a variety of both residential and commercial applications. This item also features Anti-Masking technology, which prevents the sensor from being covered by either an object or hostile substances such as a spray.

  • Selectable 16.4ft. (5m) and 6.6ft. (2m) narrow detection ranges
  • 190° horizontal rotation with built in mounting bracket
  • Dual PIR detectors for enhanced pet tolerance
  • Super Multi Dimension Analysis Logic analyzes every motion before signaling an alarm
  • Double conductive shielding
  • Intelligent ‘AND’ logic – upper and lower detection areas must both be activated to generate an alarm
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