Solidly Engineered System Reliably Protects Your Property from Flood Damage

PipeBurst Pro PB301W Gold Series Flood Prevention System

PipeBurst Pro PB301W Gold Series Flood Prevention System - WhiteDamage caused by clogged drains or broken/leaky pipes can be incredibly expensive and time consuming to repair, so catching these early and preventing the problem from escalating is key. The PipeBurst Pro Gold series is the pinnacle of flood damage prevention, containing all the components necessary to monitor for leaks and automatically shut down water flow in the event one is detected.

PipeBust Pro products are engineered to be dependable at every step of the process, from the sensors that detect the leaks to the valve that automatically cuts off incoming water. This kit includes three Floodbug wireless sensors with SideKick extensions, which detect leaks using gold-plated sensors. The signal from the FloodBugs is received by the FloTrax controller and sent to the VIP (Valve Interface Panel), which actuates the TickerValve and shuts off the incoming water supply to prevent further water damage.

PipeBurst Pro products are designed with durability and reliability in mind. Setup and programming are easy, and small issues that have the potential to cause problems (such as hard water areas) have been considered in the construction of the components.

  • Complete flood detection and prevention system
  • Compact wireless sensors can be placed in flood-prone areas
  • Valve is triggered automatically, protecting your property from flood when you’re not home
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    Also Available in Black

    *Since we strive to provide you with the lowest prices, prices are subject to change.

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