Keep the Roads Safe by Not Allowing Yourself to Drive While Impaired With A Simple Deterrent to Impaired Driving

SafeKey 219-1003 Standard SafeKey

SafeKey 219-1003 Standard SafeKey
Item# 92915


Price: $345.94

How it Works

The process is simple. If you pass, you are allowed to drive. If you fail, you’ll have to wait an hour to try again.

Step One:

Press the “CHECK” button to start the impairment test.

Step Two:

Follow the flashing lights.

The “CHECK” button activates the colored light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to rapidly flash in a fully random fashion — say: red, blue, green, red and blue. The user reacts to the rapidly-changing light pattern by pressing the buttons immediately adjacent to the light sources.

Step Three:

If the test is passed, the engine can be started.

If the person checking his/her respective level of eye-hand coordination responds accurately and rapidly enough, the “OK” LED will flash and the tone generator will beep a “positive” performance. Under this circumstance, the driver has 10 seconds to use the key to start the automobile’s engine. On the other hand, if the Check Module detects that the operator has not responded appropriately, the engine Immobilizer will not permit the starter to function.

Since “honest fumbles” will occasionally occur even when sober, the SafeKey will allow several opportunities to retry the test. If, however, after the third opportunity the test is not passed, the “CHECK” cannot be retried for an hour in order to allow the user an opportunity to gain further sobriety.

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