DIY: Garage Makeover! Making your garage your favorite part in your home

Ever wonder how much more pleasant coming home and parking your car would be if your garage was organized? Except that the idea dissolves into a busy week and never takes notice again? Don’t excuse yourself and your garage any more. Make it an integral part of showing off your home and creative organization skills. Over the years many home owners fall into the idea of “if it doesn’t fit in the storage closet in the home then it goes straight to the garage” motto. This easy short term solution goes to show long term detrimental  effects when boxes and miscellaneous items over time then accrue into an overwhelming pile of (well, you fill in the blank). Take some time in caring for a garage make over and feel like it is an extra “get away” room in the house.

Smarthome figured you needed an extra push for motivation and a sprinkle of creativity, so we found cool garage designs online that you can check out.

Cool Products from Smarthome to help you getting that garage you want! 

Gorgeous Garages 2 – MBYTR Monkey Bar Yard Tool Rack


Item# 90793


 Park Right Vehicle Parking Mat and Sensor for the Garage, Red
Item# 71860R

On the Edge Marketing 790047 Ceiling Mount Double Wide Shelf System

Item# 9597


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