Protect your Vacation Property by Remotely Monitoring Conditions and Control the Thermostat from your Phone

Sensaphone 400 – Remote Monitoring and Control System

Sensaphone 400 - Remote Monitoring and Control System
Item# 70050

Price: Normally $395.99
Hot Deal $355.50


Protect and monitor your vacation home, cabin or cottage, even when you can’t be there! Doing so is made easy and convenient with the use of a Sensaphone 400. It is a monitoring system for your residence that is managed via your telephone. It will detect potential disastrous problems and monitor environmental conditions, calling out up to four different numbers when there is a change or abnormal condition; it also allows you to remotely control devices via your telephone or cell phone. It is simple to install, program and operate; no changes to standard electrical or telephone service is required.

There are three sensors built-in to the Sensaphone 400; these sensors detect temperature, loud noise and when there is a power failure. With four hardwired inputs available, additional sensors can be added to monitor such things as a water leak, changes in humidity, outdoor temperature, glass breaking, motion detection and opening windows or doors; you can even monitor environmental conditions such as wind, rain and freezing outdoor temperatures. The Sensaphone offers the added ability to customize the voice message you will receive to describe each alarm. For further peace of mind, if a phone was accidentally left off the hook, the Sensaphone has a line-seize feature which will automatically re-establish a dial tone to make an outgoing alarm call. You also have the ability to use a unique listen-in feature; a built-in a microphone allows you to call in and listen for live activity at any time.

The Sensaphone 400 takes remote monitoring a giant leap forward with the ability to control devices remotely using the built-in relay output. By connecting your thermostat, you can call in and set the temperature hours before you arrive, ensuring that the house is comfortable and cozy from the moment you walk in the door. You can also use INSTEON devices with your Sensaphone and periodically call in to turn on lights and appliances, giving your home that lived in look while you’re away. If you want to grant entry access to trusted neighbors when you aren’t around, connect and electronic door strike to remotely lock and unlock your front door.

While the Sensaphone 400 comes with a plug-in AC power supply, six C batteries are required for calling out in event of power failure, sold separately.

  • Fully-programmable system offers extensive remote monitoring and control capability via telephone
  • Calls out up to four phone numbers to notify you of abnormal conditions
  • Built-in temperature, noise and power failure sensors, along with a microphone for listen-in monitoring
  • Four hardwired inputs available for other home security and environmental sensors
  • One hardwired relay output for controlling a thermostat, lights, appliances or other low-voltage relay

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 Customer Reviews
4.5 Stars (57 customer ratings)

GARY — WEST ORANGE, NJ Date: 11/22/2010
Review: works as advertised. Provides the comfort of knowing I’ll be notified in case of a problem

LYNN — BEAVERTON, OR Date: 8/3/2010
Review: I work in a research facility, there is a need to monitor many diferent things. At present we have installed 8 units. They’re very flexible, and easy to program. We measure relay contacts in fire alarm, scientific equipment, and temperatures in freezers and animal rooms. My next project is to monitor -20C. It’s a good product. Lynn – Telecom Engineer

Review: Extremely easy setup and very reliable. 3rd 400 I’ve purchased. Had one at home and one at the office, and now one for my son’s home! After all these years though, I wish Smarthome offered better shipping to Canada and honored the digital coupons they email monthly to my Canadian email address.
*Since we strive to provide you with the lowest prices, prices are subject to change.

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