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Orbit 1-dial 1-outlet Hose Faucet Timer Automatic Sprinkler System with Digital Timer
Item# 31257

Orbit 1-dial 1-outlet Hose Faucet
Timer Automatic Sprinkler System
with Digital Timer

Price: Normally $34.99
Hot Deal $26.43



Zuvo Water Purator
Item# 3294


Zuvo Water Purator
Price: Normally $199.99
Hot Deal $90.00



MULTI TALK Cordless Camera Station
Item# 973196

MULTI TALK Cordless Camera Station
Price: Normally $299.99
Hot Deal $86.00

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Trashcans can be crawling with germs–Don’t touch that dirty trashcan, Use this Stainless Steel 14-Gallon Touchless Trashcan with Retracting Lid

Touchless Trashcan SX

Touchless Trashcan SX
Item# 9119SX

Price: Normally $109.99
Hot Deal $80.56

Protect your family with the 14-Gallon Touchless Trashcan, a hands-free, wireless, retracting-lidded waste disposal system that keeps your hands clean when you dispose of garbage, without using an awkward pedal.The Touchless Trashcan runs on four D batteries (sold separately), which can last up to a year without frequent use.

Unlike many high-end garbage cans, the Touchless Trashcan does not require special garbage bags. With its specially designed fix ring, the trashcan will hold the edges of your bag tightly to prevent it from falling, so you can use plastic garbage bags or even grocery bags to dispose of your trash. This 100% touch-free trash can creates a germ free, odor free, automated environment. It keeps your hands clean while you are cooking or playing with your children. It also helps prevent contamination, which reduces the threat of certain illnesses and infections. Because the trash can turns an ordinary chore into something fun, your kids will enjoy throwing the trash away for you. Touchless Trashcan SX model uses the latest sensor technology and patented space saving lid opening design. As your hand or debris enter the zone 6 inches from the infrared sensor on top of the trash can, the lid will automatically slide open like louvered blinds. No up or down lid motion means more capacity in less space. The lid will remain open if debris or hand is within the 6 inch range of the infrared sensor. 3 seconds after your hand moves away from the lid it closes automatically. At the top front of the lid there are open and close buttons for manual operation, and there is an on/off power switch on the back of the trash can. Fits any regular 13 to 18 gallon trash bag. Comes with bag retainer ring to secure and hide the trash bag inside the trash can.

  • Hands-free operation
  • Lid retracts into unit, saving space
  • Fits standard 10, 14, and 16 gallon garbage bags
  • Bags won’t fall down in can
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    Satisfied Customer:

    FORM&FUNCTION — Traverse City, MI Date: 10/30/2010
    Review: I have owned the Touchless Trashcan for 5 months and I love it! This trashcan is great, form and function merge to create this futuristic marvel. The opening is good sized, I haven’t had a problem putting anything in it yet. If your going to put a pizza box through it you are going to have to fold. The first set of batteries, motor and sensors are working great. The trashcan is plenty large enough and easy its easy to change the bag. If you are thinking of getting it, do yourself a favor and buy it!!

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    Have you ever noticed that your wine doesn’t taste quite the same in the days after the bottle is opened? Now You Can Preserve Your Wine Perfectly at Ideal Serving Temperature

    Supremo Wine Preservation Steward Silver

    Supremo Wine Preservation Steward Silver
    Item# 9139S

    Price: Normally $199.99
    Hot Deal $133.32

    Wine actually begins going through oxidation, a spoiling process, as soon as it is opened. Older wines are particularly susceptible to this process, which discolors the wine and damages the delicate taste. The Wine Preservation Steward effectively reduces air contact with the wine surface to prevent this oxidation process. In addition, its temperature control feature allows the wine to be preserved at its ideal serving temperature.

    Where pump wine preservers fail by trying to create a true vacuum to eliminate air in the wine bottle, the Wine Steward uses argon cartridges to blanket the wine surface with an inert gas, so oxidation can not occur. In addition to preserving your wine, the Wine Steward also keeps the bottle at the ideal temperature you select.

    To use the Wine Steward, insert the wine bottle in the base, with the wine label facing forward so that it will be illuminated when the power is on. Replace the upper housing and depress the gas release button for about 3 seconds. Adjust the temperature preference knob to your desired temperature, referring to the suggested temperature chart on the rear of the unit.

    Additional argon cartridges are available but sold separately. If you don’t need the temperature control option, a Wine Steward is available without this feature.

  • Single button press preserves wine better than vacuum pump systems
  • Argon gas cartridge prevents oxidation
  • Temperature control allows wine to be preserved at serving temperature
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    Increase Security and Safety Around your Property with Multiple Solar Powered Lights

    EE Systems Group EE836PK Digital Solar LED Lighting Matrix, White (4 Lights)

    EE Systems Group EE836PK Digital Solar LED Lighting Matrix, White (4 Lights)
    Item# 74079WH

    Price: $398.00

    Add solar powered, energy savings security and safety lighting to your home or property. This matrix includes 4 outdoor LED flood lights that are powered by the included 12V solar board (panel). The LED bulbs have been arranged into an ergonomic design allowing the lighting to be dispersed and projected onto a wide expanse, providing greater light coverage and balanced projection when compared with other lighting systems. Additionally, this arrangement ensures that even a few unlit LEDs will not diminish the strength of the luminosity. Other lighting products use bulbs need frequent replacement; this LED lighting system can be used for 20+ years.

  • Solar powered – no professional wiring or installation required
  • Long lasting outdoor rated LED lights
  • The solar board provides a charge that exceeds that of the average board, even in poor weather
  • Features a deep cycle Li-poly battery that can endure more than 1,000 complete charging cycles
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    iPower Charging Station for iPad Powers Multiple iPads and Eliminates Potential USB-Over-Cat5 Extender Problems

    VidaBox iPowerV1 iPower Charging Station for iPad

    VidaBox iPowerV1 iPower Charging Station for iPad
    Item# 50651

    Price: $399.00

    The iPower™ charging station can power up to four iPad-compatible power feeds over Cat5 cable and is ideal for professional and high-end installations. Based on laboratory testing, not all USB-over-CAT baluns can extend a compatible power stream needed by an iPad. Why deal with multiple service calls when iPads keep dying? Eliminate the chance altogether and replace them with a single iPower unit.

    Depending on local codes, installers may not run high voltage power or certain cables in walls, unless you are properly licensed. This eliminates many iPad mounting choices altogether. iPower delivers only low voltage, allowing you to remain fully-compliant!

  • One box for powering multiple iPads
  • Eliminates problems with USB-over-Cat baluns for less service calls
  • No need for high voltage power or special cables to be installed for your installation projects
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    Stop Washing Machine Leaks From Becoming a Disaster!


    Washing Machine Valve Shutoff Kit

    Washing Machine Valve Shutoff Kit
    Item# 71151

    Price: Normally $189.00
    Hot Deal $136.99

    Don’t risk your floors, carpets and other personal belongings to costly and ruinous water damage! Prevent flood damage and avoid costly repairs with the easy-to-install Washing Machine Valve Shutoff Kit. This system not only detects leaks early, but it automatically shuts your water off in the event of a leak, alerting you with the control panel’s alarm.

  • Prevent avoidable water damage to your home or belongings
  • Automatically shuts off water to washing machine when leak is detected
  • Installs in minutes – no professional plumber is needed
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    Average Customer Rating
    4.5 Stars (74 customer ratings)

    DAVID — ORLANDO, FL Date: 1/14/2011
    Review: Excellent product. Installs in minutes, works great! Called tech support for an issue (totally my misunderstanding) and they were very gracious and helpful.

    DAVID — BRADENTON, FL Date: 9/3/2010
    Review: A great product; easy to install

    MATT — ALLENTOWN, PA Date: 7/9/2010
    Review: I had a washing machine flood awhile back. This coupled with an IOLinc and appliancelinc (a little pricey to get it all cobbled together, ut it works great) shuts off the supply and machine – especially if the drain pump is running. Its a small price compared to last years repairs

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