Voice Activated Alarm Clock That Responds to Your Commands

Accenda Sunshine Voice Activated Talking Alarm Clock

Accenda Sunshine Voice Activated Talking Alarm Clock
Item# 46101

Price: Normally $69.99
Hot Deal $59.94

If you are looking for something more than just your average alarm clock, the Accenda Sunshine Voice Activated Interactive Talking Alarm Clock and Reminder is the product for you. The alarm clock features the latest in speech recognition technology, actually listening for your voice commands. You can record up to three different custom alarms as a wake up tool or as a simple reminder during the day. Optionally you can record a memo for you or someone else to listen to anytime. It responds to such commands as ‘What time is it’ by announcing the time and day of the week and to ‘Play memo’, ‘Snooze’, ‘Night Light’ and many more. The alarm clock can even be set to turn on your TV when the alarm sounds in the morning. It incorporates a modern vertical style takes up very little space on the night table along with a voice activated nightlight and backlit display for easy viewing in the dark. This full featured alarm clock is ideal for people who are blind or who have limited mobility. Once it has been programmed, you won’t have to look at or touch the clock in order to determine the time! The voice activated interactive alarm clock it perfect for the bedroom, home office, or kitchen. This product requires the use of three C batteries, sold separately.

  • Voice operated
  • Record up to three individual alarms with custom messages you record
  • Optional memo feature allows for personal recorded message and reminder
  • Alarm can automatically turn on your TV
  • Responds to voice commands out of the box and can be trained to your individual voice

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Customer Reviews
4.5 Stars (6 customer ratings)

KAREN — DELRAY BEACH, FL Date: 9/28/2009
Review: The Talking Alarm Clock arrived in excellent working order. It was easy to set up as described and operated as advertised. The manual was easy to follow. The voice part worked perfectly without retraining the voice. I like the 3 different alarms and the ability to record my own alarm messages. I also like that it remembers the alarm from day to day. It’s fun to use too. I do wish it had a longer electric cord and a brighter LCD display but it is still a great product.
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